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  1. Most of the time I drive at 90km/h because I feel safe driving at this speed. Driving at a speed that you feel safe and comfortable with is crucial for maintaining control and ensuring your own safety as well as the safety of others on the road. It's important to find a speed that aligns with your driving abilities, the road conditions, and any applicable speed limits. Choosing to drive at 90 km/h shows that you are mindful of your surroundings and are driving at a pace that allows you to react appropriately to any unexpected situations. This moderate speed allows for better observation of the road, increased reaction time, and improved maneuverability. It's worth noting that speed limits are established based on various factors, including road conditions, traffic volume, and safety considerations. Remember that driving at a consistent speed and being aware of other drivers' speeds is essential to maintain a safe flow of traffic.
  2. If I drive a car, I won't drive with a Caravan as I don't feel comfortable with it. Driving with a caravan requires additional skills and precautions, and it's essential to feel confident and at ease behind the wheel when towing a trailer. Towing a caravan adds extra length and weight to your vehicle, which can affect its handling and maneuverability. It may require you to adjust your driving style, such as allowing for longer braking distances and taking wider turns. Additionally, parking and reversing with a caravan can be more challenging, requiring increased spatial awareness and precision. Remember, the most important aspect of driving is to feel confident and in control of the vehicle you're operating. Making a decision that aligns with your comfort and capabilities ensures a safer and more enjoyable experience on the road.
  3. I do not overtake while driving. Why? Your decision not to overtake while driving and your willingness to stick behind others reflect a cautious and considerate approach on the road. This attitude shows that you prioritize safety and respect the speed and comfort levels of other drivers. By maintaining a steady pace and allowing others to overtake when it's safe and appropriate, you contribute to a smoother traffic flow and minimize the risk of accidents. Sticking behind other drivers can have several advantages. Firstly, it allows you to maintain a consistent and predictable position on the road. This can be particularly beneficial in situations where visibility is limited, such as during adverse weather conditions or in heavy traffic. By giving yourself ample space behind the vehicle in front of you, you create a buffer zone that provides additional reaction time and reduces the chances of a collision.
  4. Driving with friends :HaulieLove:



    1. Werzey*


      Nice Trucks!

  5. Hello, For getting an idea of what could cause this problem, I would like you to send here the following: game.log.txt file (right after the game crashed) → C:\Users%Username%\Documents\Euro Truck Simulator 2 or C:\Users%Username%\Documents\American Truck Simulator last_crash.log file → C:\Users%Username%\Documents\ETS2MP or ATSMP client_.log file → C:\Users%Username%\Documents\ETS2MP\logs or ATSMP\logs The content of each file can be copy-pasted to Pastebin. Then create a new paste for each file and send the 3 links below
  6. As you know, there are many RMs/GMs in the team. And these are people who work entirely on a voluntary basis. They voluntarily took on the role of moderation of a game without making any profit from this work. I think they have even more work to do with such as support, feedback, appeals, in-game reports other things.... In addition, they also have their real life and so, if possible, wait patiently as all reports will be processed. I believe the staff will also try to reduce the reports on the website as quickly as possible and we should understand the work they are doing.
  7. Users often don't use websites or forums to see what has changed. Plus, they may not notice and they just see that Sim 1 always has more players and they choose Sim 1 to play because they simply don't want them to drive alone on the road. Besides, some people prefer the nature of simulation rather than driving at 150 km/h on CD road or other roads.
  8. I still remember years ago, I loved driving and was always looking for a driving game to play. And then, when I was searching, I suddenly found videos about ETS2 and I started playing. A few months later, I was also surprised to see a serious traffic jam in Rotterdam, that was years ago. And in my head, I started to think where is this and why is there such a traffic jam? And from there, I found out about TruckersMP and joined this community. Of course, it was the right decision as I am still here with everyone to this day and of course, that is the future.
  9. I prefer standard trucks, it's simple but beautiful
  10. I'm looking forward to attending this great event. #TMP9
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