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    Hi there, Try this Verify game cache Delete garages, drivers. Load other save game. Make new profile. Make sure you have the latest .Net Framework (4.7) & DirectX & Microsoft Visual C++ 2015 and use CCleaner to remove temporary files and obsolete registry paths. Update your graphic card driver. Pull down your graphics settings. Take care not to play in busy areas. If your Game is freezing for a long period it is because the mod Is attempting to its game time with the core game time. (SP & MP times are quite different)! Go in company manager (this may be a pain) and fire all of your drivers first. Save your progress then completely close the game Go into your Euro Truck Simulator 2 documents folders and select/highlight the your last profile (look at last modified) then with it highlighted hit the delete button. (Again I know it could be a pain) And read these topics:
  2. unsupported game version

    Hi there, Has your problem been solved because you are currently in game now ?
  3. Achievement "MiniMaxer"

    Hi there, Few tips for obtain this achievement. Requirements: 6 points in ADR 1 in LONG DISTANCE 1 in FRAGILE CARGO 2 in JUST IN TIME Go to Quick Job and pick ADR from filters. Make sure you always choose a job that has over 250km, "URGENT" + "FRAGILE" + "ADR" Sea travel will not grant experience but, add to the distance counter, so DON'T use this. Remember to save often to avoid frustration. At the of the delivery, you should get experience at least twice amount of the road distance you have covered. If not, there is something you are missing. Also read this topic
  4. Germany: Updated Roads in 1.32 BETA

    Thanks for informations Good post
  5. [27 October 2018] Fright Night 2018

    Look great event, see you there
  6. Why is ATS not as popular as ETS2?

    Hi there For me: 1) The ATS maps looks too small compared to ETS2, that means ETS2 give more roaming, more hilly, steep corners. 2) ATS has too much highway than hilly challenging area. Although it is based on the The physical area in the USA that it is cloning. Most person gets bored easily driving on a highway than on challenging area. 3) ETS2 is made up of many countries while ATS is made up mostly cities not states because the game has not yet expanded fully to other States as yet 4) ETS2 is a classic game and it's much more popular than ATS; 5) Many roads in ATS are near deserts, so there are not any plants and the color is all brown (that makes player very uncomfortable)
  7. Save Editing - Am I following the rules?

    Hello I don't use save editing, I only use mod
  8. Save Editing - Am I following the rules?

    Hello @Nataliia I use this mod Is this allowed ?
  9. Question About A Mod

    Hi there Please look at these topics
  10. Error(0x80092012)

    Hi there Please look at these topics