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  1. Ats real operation?

    Good idea. I love it although I don't have ATS
  2. laptop and desk calculator

    I agree with you
  3. laptop and desk calculator

    ok. Remember it
  4. Convoy with RomaniaProDrivers

    Geat photos and great team.
  5. How to survive busy areas

    Great job
  6. laptop and desk calculator

    I think you should Read carefully before discussing
  7. laptop and desk calculator

    That was my thought, not idea
  8. laptop and desk calculator

    I think desk calculator is better than laptop
  9. ∆Best Postcards Of Your Truck.∆

  10. LGO Logistics VTC | Delivering what others can't

    Looking great. Good luck to your VTC
  11. Allow fatigue simulation

    I think this is a good idea
  12. Do you guys record your drivings?

    You should record all the time. Because you can use those videos to report or unban
  13. ETS 2 Double Cargo

    that's a good idea
  14. TruckersMP Real Operations V3

    Can't wait for it