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  1. One taught me love One taught me patience One taught me pain...
  2. From something similar to this (many years ago): To this:
  3. Watched Lucifer on Amazon Prime Video (would recommend!)
  4. xItsTomx


    Think this is a great idea to have a horn cutoff sound after a period of time because for some players who use keyboards sometimes the horn can get stuck so therefore they could get unnecessarily kicked if implemented! I personally believe there shouldn't be a cooldown to the horn because similarly to the /fix command sometimes you need to use it twice in a short period of time and it can become quite a nuisance when you cannot.
  5. All the replies are great thanks! Problem solved
  6. Hi all, So whilst driving with my friend the other day we both took off from a city to deliver our goods and I noticed he managed to accelerate a lot quicker than I did. Why is this the case if I have 12 gears and he has 6? We were both driving the same truck with the same engine. Is it possible the wheel configuration on the truck could make a also difference? Thanks!
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