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  1. this is for Human Resources NeonLeon
    I'm tired of sending requests to join your team and they always reject me for some reason that they do not give any chance  .It will be that he does not like that they have Hispanic people      I'm fed up
    2 times I reject that is not fair

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    2.  Dallas


      The fact that they are old does not mean anything.. Any bans in your reputation affect this..

    3. Suleyman.53


      Hello @el tinus


      You can send your complaints about this issue to upper staff using the feedback system. https://truckersmp.com/feedback


      Forum is not an appropriate place to discuss such topics. 


      Thank you for understanding:wub:



    4. NeonLeon


      Hello @el tinus,


      Thank you for contacting. 


      I have looked into this again and due to the reasons I gave you in the application, I have decided to decline your application for this recruitment period. In addition, we don't decline people because of their origin but there are some requirements that you have to fill, of course (e.g. your forum activity and interaction with the community, the quality of your application and your previous behavior,...). You are able to improve in the future and apply again once we open another recruitment.


      Kind regards,


      Human Resources

  2. hello i have 2 repports plis chek my repport plis :)  1 is ramming 2 is bloking

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    2. DJ Jefferz

      DJ Jefferz

      Asking for reports to be processed faster is useless. The reports are dealt with by oldest first. From recent experience the average wait time is about a week.

      Please, just be patient and wait. The perpetrator will be dealt with soon™.

    3. el tinus

      el tinus

      another question send a request for moderator but I was rejected

  3. Buenas lorena te enviado un mensaje privado

    1. [T.G.E][01] Lorena*

      [T.G.E][01] Lorena*

      Estimado @el tinus,
      Ya le he respondido su mensaje privado.
      Un saludo! ^^

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