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  1. First blog post(?)


    Flexible thinking!


    Do you really need to go inside deep the city of Calais and Duisburg if your main purpose is just to enjoy that 1 by 1 road? I saw an admin teleport plus kick players continuously (aka tpk) last night as the players can't drive out the Duisburg service one by one ... Well inside NCZ, you can't line up can you? So how do they suppose to know when it's his turn?


    Then, what will those players being kicked do? Well of course they close the game, open the launcher and join the server again! So guess where will they spawn? Yes, Duisburg service! More and more players drive in the service, more and more being kicked by the admin. And more and more cars actually inside that service, so more and more players drive out the service. Don't make me wrong, I am not judging the decision or anything. Because they just follow the instructions of the upper staffs. By the way, there isn't really more they can do about it and the status is not only about the admin, but the players.


    I hate to go inside Calais because once I go inside, there is no way to get out safely. So I moved to Lille to avoid the traffic. I have to say those traffic are not enjoyable. The main purpose driving C-D is to enjoy that 1 by 1 road  (at least for me, maybe most of you too). In fact, I use less time to get on the 1 by 1 road when I start from Lille than Calais.


    But what I didn't realize is (and now I do), getting out of Duisburg is much harder than getting out of Calais. When I go inside Duisburg, I usually don't turn right via the gas station. I go straight and through the tunnel. Because my destination is either the hotel or the garage. I can probably use less time to get there (recall that Duisburg disaster, now you know what I mean). Since I am a master of car-to-truck missile dodging, combined with the use of quick save, I rarely damaged my truck. So I don't need to get inside the service. There will be no reason to create more traffic there.


    And here's another thing. Do you really need to rest? Or you just need to turnaround as quick as possible? If you want to turnaround, you don't really need to get inside the city. Most of you didn't know is, Dusseldorf is also meters away from C-D road! Just like Lille, there are less cars there. And more importantly, before you get inside Dusseldorf, there is a gas station so you can turnaround there. You can save at least 5 to 10 minutes to turnaround compared to Duisburg hotel.


    Well if you need to get some rest, will you chat with somebody else you don't know? I really doubt that! Duisburg is not a good place to stay for chat. In fact, your eyes can't catch up with the chat message because those foul languages, commercials and rec will wash your chat box. Until last month, if someone said let's go to Calais or Duisburg. I will say "OK" let's do it. But since this month, I will ask "Can we go to Lille / Dusseldorf instead?". L-Df road? fine. C-D road? No, thank you.


    I don't want to post this in discussion because soon more and more people will choose Lille and Dusseldorf instead. I made a mistake before by leaving a post with "Don't use rec or report anymore, use typo of /pinfo instead. More effective this way." and somehow more and more ".pinfo" since then. I am just trying my best to find a place to relax, so please don't follow and ruin my day. But for the followers and you reading this status, you are feel free to come.

    1. Carltru


      WAO, you leave me speechless!
      It's what I've always thought about it but I did not say it, but there is many people who only wish to destroy the truck I do not understand if it is for satisfaction or they want to ruin the day. To my especially bothers me enough, when they do. :o:angry: Your blog is very beautiful because what you say is very realistic.:love:

    2. LordBenji


      One time I was in Calais and it was a bit hard to keep the conversation with someone else. Also I don't always necessarily stop specifically at Calais or Duisburg, sometimes I go to Brussel, Rotterdam, Lille, Dusseldorf, Koln, Hannover, Dover, etc.