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  1. やられたらやり返す。

    An eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth.


    (scroll down)

    1. IpilkAlaus


      I'm out of confused reactions, so I'm just gonna leave it here. C O N F U S E D:blink:

  2. Miyu*

    The monkey's paw

    Granted. You start thinking about how to make money from now. I wish one day ETS2MP has a Turkish server.
  3. Miyu*

    VS Game

    Mercedes Tom vs Jerry
  4. Miyu*

    The monkey's paw

    Granted. You can now buy one on steam. I wish I never get old.
  5. Miyu*

    How Many Web Reports Have You Submitted ?

    What I am thinking is ... the number 50 is actually the quota he has for now ...
  6. Miyu*

    The monkey's paw

    Granted. TimeTimes is kicked. I wish this post can be locked and move to trash.
  7. Miyu*

    The monkey's paw

    Granted. You are now banned for 1 day. I wish everyone go give IpilkAlaus a confused reaction on his profile. The link is here: https://forum.truckersmp.com/index.php?/profile/111098-ipilkalaus/
  8. Miyu*

    The monkey's paw

    Granted. Now ETS2MP became a true multiplayer simulator. I wish I can drive together with a former support manager on ets2mp again.
  9. From what I heard about the winter mod is: Your truck won't become more slippery because this mod is not from the official. And the lanes on the road become very hard to see and follow. :mellow:

    1. Rev.


      It will most likely be the same as every other year. It would be a risky move to adjust physics for the mod purely because of the behaviour of players as it currently stands.

  10. So ... the tire size does matter. With a bigger tire, you can have lower rpm and more torque left at high speed and the speed range is higher, but slower acceleration totally. Now I see why I can't keep up with the others with RUNNER tires at high speed. Because my A grade Michelin tires are smaller than theirs ...


    And what I have now is a C grade Michelin tires with a bigger diameter than RUNNER tires. So watch out!

  11. Miyu*

    Ask a question without saying yes or no.

    Almost at the bottom of my favorite game list because of MP. Question: Should "affirmative" count as a "yes" and "negative" count as a "no" also?
  12. Miyu*

    How Many Web Reports Have You Submitted ?

    I am a little bit curious about how many quotas do you have.
  13. Miyu*

    Anyone else get a speed boost on bumps?

    I just had it for the first time just came out of the service of Dusseldorf. Brakes were not working at all ... A little trauma.
  14. Avoiding missiles reckless drivers and protect my cargo.