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  1. Im looking forward to getting a chance to playing MP with the wintermod, looks really good and fun!
  2. I might want to remind everyone endeavoring to download the latest multiplayer fix discharge, that there may be a few issues
  3. Bodes well and looks very professional contrasted with some time recently
  4. I think that this vehicle should be added to the game because it will deliver your cargo in a express way, also people should pledge to drive safely when driving this type of luxury.    


  5. This guide was extremely useful, this hued plate looks better than average on my 250 horsepower Renault !
  6. Amazing, thank you TruckersMP Really ready and excited for this Winter. It is almost here, I love the winter Season in TruckersMP/ ETS
  7. this would be quite the interesting feature if they added it into the game, so we could know how far we traveled
  8. Can't wait to try it out, it looks really fun and interesting! This is exactly what we have been needing. Amazing update
  9. Really ready and excited for this Winter
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