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  1. ATSMP has had a few times in the past where it became more popular and even had a road like Calais-Duisburg, but it always died off not long after unfortunately. In the future, unless ATS really blows up, I don't see it being constantly popular in TMP. A few examples are: When ATS first released in Feb 2016, don't know much about this though or much in between because I started playing truck sims in late 2017. Operation Big Sur event back in June/July 2018. When Washington DLC came out for ATS in June 2019 that Bellingham logging road became popular for about a month at least. When Promods came out for ATS in Dec 2020 I remember the servers getting over 1000 players and in Canada there was a good amount of traffic, not just in one area either, all across Canada you could find people, the first release the map was quite small though so people got bored quick and the popularity didn't last more than 2 weeks I think. After that, I don't think there was any other times where ATS had lots of players at one time because of SCS new convoy mode in June/July 2021. The only time where you'll be able to drive with lots of players is if TMP does a convoy for ATS because of SCS new convoy mode, and I'm glad they still do this and show ATS some love despite the very low player count that it has, despite that, a good amount of people do come for the TMP convoys. If you're curious what it was like during any of these times, I'm sure you can find youtube videos, Operation Big Sur you'll definitely find a ton since it was a very popular SCS event.
  2. I'm so sick of these threads but it's funny to see people still get triggered over speed limit, some people treat this as a racing game. Trucks in Europe are only meant to go 90 km/h and there is a 110 km/h speed limit, so I find that as a good compromise for both strict simulation players and people who like to go faster. I would consider myself somewhere in between because in areas with not as much traffic I like to go faster but in places like CD road or the Alps route I go closer to the speed limit.
  3. Playing it in TMP isn't feasible due to the low player count of ATSMP, unless you're doing a large convoy. It's definitely a really nice map mod though and I would definitely recommend checking it out, it only requires 2 map DLC (Oregon and Washington) so it's easier to get compared to ETS2 Promods where you need every single map DLC.
  4. Reports in game 99% of the time never get responded to, the only good way to report is on the website. I'm sure all permabans getting removed doesn't help with the trolls either, I'm sure there's probably quite a bit more trolls but I haven't driven on CD road since then so I don't know. But with more trolls the admins will be more overwhelmed with reports. Although I have driven on the new popular Alps route and it's not bad.
  5. Used to drive the Kenworth W900 a lot, although I still use it sometimes, recently I've been really enjoying the International 9900i.
  6. It rarely causes any problems using the same profile for singleplayer and multiplayer. You might get an economy reset and your truck will be returned to your home garage if you switch to singleplayer but that's about it.
  7. Suggestion Name: Longer period of inactivity before a thread can be archived on the ATS discussions section Suggestion Description: Instead of the normal 2 weeks of inactivity before a thread is archived, I think that should be longer specifically on the ATS discussions section, maybe around 1-2 months at least. Any example images: None Why should it be added?: That section of the forum is not posted on that often and is often empty or only has 1-2 threads because they always get archived. If they are allowed to be left up for 1-2 months without any activity it's not like it will clog the forum up because not many people make threads on there in the first place. It would be nice to have some threads to reply to on there but it's often empty.
  8. New road is 100% better. Although I only drove on it once back and forth so far, it seems like there's a lot less trolls and reckless drivers because you have to drive slow on it because it's windy and maybe it's because many trolls stayed on CD road. Of course it has some really nice views too. I'm glad there's actually some competition to the CD road that I hate and never drive on anymore, only took 5+ years, but hopefully I'm not speaking too soon and the road dies off like other roads have in the past, let's hope it stays as a permanent alternative.
  9. I might attend this one, I did participate in Real Ops V12 in ATS back in September and that was pretty good.
  10. Are a lot of people finally going to get off CD road with this big Austria rework or is it probably just another temporary thing? This kinda makes me want to play TMP again if there's another popular road.
  11. As a 6th ban a 1 year ban could be good, but I think whether someone did it on purpose should be considered too because some people make actual mistakes occasionally, like I said in my reply above.
  12. In a way I do like this change but at the same time it's not good and could be adjusted for sure. It's good because there's some people in the community that have been around for 5-6+ years and may have a few bans from some mistakes they occasionally made in the past but they do their best to be a good player. It's good to know older players will have some leniency if they're on their 4th ban. I personally have 3 bans on my record over the past 4.5 years of playing TMP, only 1 for a driving related offense and 2 are chat related (profanity), that is something that would be nice to have changed to mutes instead but not gonna go into that. At the same time for the people who are actually bad players and intentionally drive recklessly (constantly overtaking on CD road is the most common rule breaking you will see) only get a 90 day ban that is never increased, the threat of a permaban didn't prevent many trolls from being intentionally reckless so a 90 day ban will definitely make that worse. Not sure what can be done about that because at the same time this is good for older players who typically drive more safely but inevitably they will make mistakes sometimes. Maybe ban lengths or whether someone deserves a ban at all should be determined on whether it was on purpose or not. And if it's determined it wasn't on purpose (such as equipment malfunction, they were driving a reasonable speed, driving normally before the accident, etc.) the next ban they get the length should not be increased or just have a lesser cooldown period until it won't get stepped up (perhaps from 1 year to 180 days). Also if you don't get any punishments in 2-2.5 years, you should go down a punishment tier.
  13. I think it's a really unique road and is definitely quite challenging on certain spots which I enjoy. Although I barely drive that road anymore, on certain occasions I like driving it in multiplayer because it's a road that normally doesn't have AI traffic because it's a tight road so it's interesting to have traffic on it in multiplayer. I mostly just drove it during start of Promods support on MP in late 2019 and a few other times since then. Maybe I will consider revisiting it sometime in the future but I get burned out quick with both that road and just the truck sim games in general recently. One more thing: It's too bad they don't allow double trailers there anymore because I enjoyed the challenge back when they were allowed and it was very much possible to handle HCT trailers if you're careful and skilled enough. Also you have to rely on other players to give you room and most people did so I didn't have problems with HCT often. I understand their decision though because many people get stuck with them and cause big traffic jams. Another similar road I want to give a mention to is the new tight snow covered road in northern Iceland (Norourfjorour) which was added in Promods 2.60 back in December. It was also popular in multiplayer from late Dec 2021 to around early-mid Feb 2022. Although I tried to promote it on the forums during that time, it didn't last long but at it's peak during the first 3 weeks at least there were around 40-50+ players on that road at once and it was fun to drive on with other players. Although not as long as Kirkenes quarry, it's definitely more challenging. At this point it's completely dead in multiplayer but I would recommend checking it out in singleplayer.
  14. Good replies on this so far, maybe other people will have some ideas on this topic as well so I'll bump this.
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