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  1. Ts and discord... The eternal fight... Ts has one of the best voice qualities in the market and basically no text support it has the function and that is it. Discord is more versatile giving you voice and text in one platform if Mirc was launched today it would be exactly like discord. Good change..
  2. beacon should be used only when taking heavy stuff (heavy cargo dlc) 9 out of 10 users have the beacons always on for no reason at all...
  3. solved by checking in the plugin directory.. found config files (probably residual from wheel settings testing)deleted those and it works ok.. (it only messed up with the multiplayer.. for some unexplained reason...) btw ffb feels kind of weird.. if i reduce the gain it softens way too much but if i increase it it has a minor stepping feeling that just feels wrong (especialy when i do minor changes ie driving on interstate..) any slider settings suggestions are wellcome.! btw i tried to calibrate the wheel and it just made it useless.. had to reset it to bring it back..! A Big Thank you for your time gents(and lady) again thank you all i will (hopefully) see you on the road...!
  4. @[???????] Fallen [BY] already done that in every conceivable combination tried with presistent and without.. (tried with overide settings and without too) no matter what i did when i open with truckersMP it "reverts" to 180 degrees when i drive.. if i close the truckersMP and open normaly the ets2 it works like a charm.. i think it has something to do with truckersMP probably but i cant think of anything.. everything SHOULD work flawlesly since the actual exe/profile etc is the same.. (content approval by mod.. ..not the best thing while on a help forum..) 2:40pm here... i will check back in ~20hrs
  5. i have a problem with my G-27 i recently got ets2, fiddled with the setup(stock/dlc stuff only - no mods) i figured i try actual multiplayer.. problem is than no matter what i do when i am in the truck(driving) the wheel range is 180 degrees(everything else functions properly) and that happens ONLY when i run truckersMP and drive!! on menu 900 degrees show as they should() wheel is functioning properly on ETS2 as well as other sims i use it with no problem it seems that something is keeping the wheel at 180 degrees dispite the fact that all settings are at 900... any thoughts?
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