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  1. Could be that the servers are getting death-hugged by the community after 1.41 support dropped. I'm gonna give it some time.
  2. Honestly, I'm not waiting for TMP to add anything, other than general optimizations. The playerbase is already pretty "settled", whether it's VTCs or the 110km/h C-D crowd, and said people already frequent the game. All I need, personally, is the segregation of these two so people can enjoy the game without messing around with each other, along with quality of life updates.
  3. Thank you for the follow ❤️

  4. Thanks For The Follow! 🙂

  5. Thanks for the follow! :)

  6. It's about time that I update y'all on my truck!

    Currently loving my new paintjob and top bar 😛


  7. Thanks for the follow ❤️ means a lot 😄

  8. Depends on how I feel, I listen to almost everything. I have a custom radio list with Greek radios, TFM, trance stuff and some rock/metal. among others. I also have a few YouTube playlists but browsers eat my CPU up
  9. I'd record continuously if I had the space and processing power, but I keep my recording software in the background in dangerous areas and start recording 5-10secs before I feel something is about to arise.
  10. My favorite is the FH tuning pack. People have always talked about it before its release, and it mostly delivered. Unpopular opinion, but the HS-Schoch tuning pack is nice too. You can have bars on your side skirts with LED slots on the Volvo FH 4x2 at least, which is a godsend in my opinion. Mixing and matching their top bars w/ save editing is also very fun
  11. Thank you for the follow! ❤️

  12. I have a Volvo FH 2012 (750hp, 6x4 taglift) for heavy hauling/double trailers etc. and a Scania R (650hp V8, 4x2) for lighter cargo. I like the Volvo because its DLC parts look really nice, and because I'm used to its brakes and handling. It just looks appealing. I like the Scania because their new models look great, and because it has a nicer interior than the Volvo. The brand is also a staple of Dutch styled trucks
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