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  1. @DJFrontier or any forum staff member, please move this to the solved section, thank you!
  2. Yes, as soon as I found this problem that was the first thing I did. I'll try to do that. EDIT: I tried again to verify my files, after that I got like 40mb update, launched the game, and I continued playing on my main profile. Played like 30 mins, i did not see the issue, so it's been fixed. Sorry, i was kinda busy, I did not had time time to read or reply. I'll keep you updated around 24h period.
  3. Yes, I tried playing single player first, then launched the MP mode to see if is the game or me, so had the same issue in SP and MP.
  4. Hello truckers! So, probably like 3 months ago, i saw the trailer mod is about to come out on ETS2 and ATS and i was interested trying it out, like week ago? I've updated my ETS2 to try the new update with the trailer, got myself two trailer to see what you can do with them. Unfortunately I ran into an game issue. Let me get into this: I started playing, picked up my trailer to pickup the goods at the destination I choosed, i started to drive my truck and my game froze, got black screen and the game started to load (the loading screen) so i was thinking its from t
  5. Oh, that's why I couldn't see the cargo of the trailer, i thought that was some kind of bug/lag. Thanks for the answers, this can be moved away.
  6. Hello everyone, recency i purchased dlc paint jobs for my truck so i can make my truck look 'fancy'. I asked my friend to tell me what he thinks about my new truck dlc pain job, he told me that he cannot see the paint, it's the normal default color (white). I went to the TruckersMP website to check if I linked my new DLCs, i did that twice. Went in game and asked him again, still the default color. Is there any solution, or he has to get the DLC too so he can see the paint jobs? or that doesn't matter at all?
  7. My drivers were updated few weeks ago, even if it wasn't i could've had this problem on the single player mode too and yes, i reinstalled before i made a thread here. Even, i've re downloaded ETS2 again, still nothing. I tried to change this settings from the login menu options and still i'm having the same issue.
  8. As I said, SP has no problems. I tried verify the game files, still nothing. I don't think so it's the autosave, when i'm on the MP login menu and the normal game menu, i can see my FPS and the game freezes like I've posted on that video above. 1. I'm playing the game in a low settings. So i don't think so that's the issue since i can run SP with out having this issue. 2. I don't have any hired drivers, i have only one truck. 3. I tried that one too, didn't work. Tried and none of this stuff works. Specially SP runs fine.
  9. Hello everyone, i have a small issue and it's kinda annoying me, it's really unplayable to truck. Each 2secs or less, my game freezes and unfreezes. Yesterday i played with my friend and everything was just fine, working smooth with out any freezes (and yes, yesterday it had a small update 12mb). Today again there was some 12mb update, download it, joined a server and i see my game was freezing, I thought this has to do with the amount of the players are nearby, went on the highway, it had the same issue. EDIT: I tried playing single player mode, everything was fine. Here's a
  10. Well, i tried to do that too few days ago, but seems like steam cannot locate TMP on the non-steam games. ETS2 and TMP are installed in the same HDD - tough first when i installed TMP that they should be in the same HDD other ways the game won't work but i was wrong, but doesn't meter where you install TMP since you have to confirm you have ETS2 from your steam games. Also I tried reinstalling TMP and didn't work. Yesterday when I launched TMP the steam overlay popped out and i was like, oh okay i think its fixed. But I was wrong! When I quitted the game, few hours later i
  11. Well, the thing is. I have the overlay and the steam menu (shift tab) to use on single player, but not on the multiplayer. I tried running TruckersMP as administrator didn't work. As I said above sp works fine, but on mp no, so i don't know what to do.
  12. Hello, I'm new player on euro truck simulator MP and i have this issue and i'm sure some of you had this problem. Each time I launch TruckersMP, the steam overlay won't appear nor open while pressing shift+tab. This is really annoying each time some friend messages you, you have to pause, minimize the game and alt tab it to see the chat. I'm sure some of you will help me to fix this small issue, thanks!
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