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  1. Suggestion Name: re-adding support for save edited/local modded trailers. Suggestion Description: before, players were able to freely save edit their owned trailers to be any type they preferred running. it allowed players to swap out trailer chassis to their other favorite trailer types SCS hasn't made ownable yet, like swapping out the standard dryvan for a tanker or dump trailer and having custom chrome or colored wheels for it. but now doing that, along with having ANY local mods on the trailer results in an immediate auto kick from the server for "modified trailer accessories" which is completely unfair and should be undone. Images: Why should it be added?: because it should've never been taken away in the first place. doing this was never harmful to the server or other players in any way, shape, or form. it simply allowed users to always be able to use their favorite trailer from the trailer browser and store them in their garages. there was no change to the rules to reflect this. players weren't notified that such support was being dropped. we were all just expected to "deal with it" and sit around and ponder why our trailers keep kicking us from the server as the staff team just gives us the middle finger. way to go guys, you completely isolated an entire portion of your player base by effectively telling them to piss off and not explain why. first you dropped support for custom trailer skins. then you dropped support for custom trailer cargo. and now you dropped support for both save edited trailers and local trailer mods. Purely out of disapproval: who ever decided/approved doing this update was a good idea is a grade-A moron.
  2. Did he appear to teleport or was the movement very smooth? because if his movement was very choppy i can assure thats just lag.
  3. Can we have a full list of everything under local editing that will result in an auto-kick? I would very much like to know what parameters I have to work with when editing my truck. I really hate wasting time to have parts structured and converted to /home only to be auto-kicked immediately because I'm not aware of what you guys specifically don't allow, nor will you tell us. Also you removed the ability for local trailer skins, BRING THAT BACK. There was nothing wrong with the system in place for that, and should not have been removed at all.
  4. Suggestion Name: Bring back the original rule for local modding. Suggestion Description: The rule update for 2018/09/21 removed the rule about the use of local mods. Doing so seemed to cause a bit of confusion among the small community that run them. The server is designed to autokick certain invalid item parameters on trucks and trailers. However, with the rule removed, there are no longer guidelines to what those parameters are anymore, and there appears to be more parameters that count as invalid than there were before, like now both truck and trailer local paintjobs result in an auto kick, not just truck paintjobs like before (will make a separate ticket for that topic). I feel the rule should be added back so players who are capable of running local mods know what guidelines to follow when doing such modifications so we don't receive an auto kick from something we aren't aware of. Any example images: No Why should it be added?: It would just really make the system less sloppy if we knew straight up what we can and cannot local mod. Even if it's just a simple list, any sort of guideline that has laid out what the autokick parameters are for local mods would be great. IE: would we be able to run a long 350 inch chassis truck if it retained the standard 6x4 chassis collision box since the rules of editing say you can't extend a vehicle's hitbox? Or does editing the chassis in any such way count within the autokick parameters? That's just a random example of what I mean of why such a list is necessary.
  5. Suggestion Name: Additional Trailers for Skodas Suggestion Description: When 1.32 came out for ATS, 4 additional AI trailers were added to give diversity to small car traffic. Caravan, utility trailer with boat, utility trailer with buggy, and fifth wheel hauler. Both the utility trailers share a similar size and weight to the caravan which was already added for MP usage so players who drive the Skoda have something to do. For people who know how to save edit, swapping out the caravan with a utility trailer is very easy and should NOT be a bannable offense to use them. Any Example Images: Yes Why should it be added? There's literally nothing wrong with these trailers. They function perfectly fine as they have their owned defined collision models and since they are not larger than the caravans, do not extend any hit boxes and perfectly comply with TMP rules and regulations as long as an exception is made to rule §2.8 to include these 2 additional trailers. Add some variety, allow players who know how to save edit use them!
  6. yes but as stated, this is specifically for save editing only, so mods are a no go. and as benji and i previously described, chassis weight is built into the file itself and cannot be changed via save editing at all. so the only thing that can be edited is the weight of the cargo. but what im really thinking now, is why would anyone want to pull a trailer that quite literally weighs nothing?
  7. you technically wouldnt pull like the trailer isnt there but pretty close. cargo mass is just that, the weight of the cargo itself. every truck chassis and trailer has their own preset weight. so setting cargo mass to 0 would be the equal of pulling an empty trailer.
  8. Welp. I got banned. But it's a part of my plan anyway. The removal of the US server made it easier to get noticed when everyone is crammed in the same server. Now I'm on their radar and they can't continue to ignore this since my ban appeal has a link to this thread. I've contacted nearly every branch of their support team about this and they've either told me to make a thread on this forum [which is why this topic exists in the first place] or told me they weren't sure who I should talk to. Now I see how easy it is for them to ignore us. I've made myself more than clear. Once my ban is up, I'm just going to continue running turnpikes until they do something about it. Ban me once, ban me again. I found problems within the rules and they refuse to address it, well they have to now. If they wanna take me down, I'm not going without a fight. Here is the picture sko used to validate my ban: https://imgur.com/a/q13ec (And before you ask, yes that is a 2 axle converter dolly in MP. The assets of a 2 axle dolly exists within the game files but just sits idle because there is no [current] trailer combination that would use them. SCS envisioned turnpikes or a similar trailer combination at some point [possibly for the original RMD's] or else it wouldn't exist, but who knows for sure.) #freenitrodax
  9. yeah i figured as much that chrome would be a far stretch. the way i do things in MP is i just swap out the regular long 3000r reefers and long box trailers with the rocky mountain double 45 foot trailer. i like the 45 footer because with the wheel led mud flaps (which i REALLY wish were available for trucks too) gives the trailer a more owner op custom look. the trailer looks great in any custom color when used with a matching truck. i was just hoping that there would be a way to make a trailer load chrome. i wasnt sure before if it counted as a color or a texture. but at this point im fairly sure its a texture, but i was uncertain if it were possible to make a box trailer "load" the chrome texture of the fuel tanker through save editing or if the chrome texture itself was the fuel tanker.
  10. now back again because im curious about save editing random colors. im already aware of how to find truck and trailer color values and change them accordingly, but there was something i was thinking about. chrome. does chrome count as a color or a texture? would it be possible to save edit chrome in place of normal colors? and if so, where would i find the value for it?
  11. @LordBenji well this is what i need help with is what specifically to replace. either save editing paintjobs doesnt work at all or im doing something wrong despite doing exactly what youre saying. i take the current data path for the paintjob on my truck, which is "data_path: "/def/vehicle/truck/peterbilt.389/paint_job/paintjob_01.sii" and replace it with the paintjob data path of the w900 "data_path: "data_path: "/def/vehicle/truck/kenworth.w900/paint_job/paintjob_02.sii". unless theres something that im missing or im replacing values in the incorrect spot, loading in the game afterwards doesnt change anything and the 389 still has the original skin on it. **EDIT: finally got it to work magically despite not changing what i was doing previously. guess it was just a loading issue
  12. @That1GuyITC well thats why i want to test it. in terms of overlapping the templates themselves, the w900 and 389 are almost the same definitive shape, as are the 579 and the t680. but im having issues on what to map where to get my w900 skin to show up on my 389. if i use the _nameless value for the w900 paintjob and replace the 389 paintjob with it, my game simply crashes when loading the truck. ive also tried copying the entire w900 paintjob directorate over to the 389 but it doesnt load at all and just reverts back to the original skin i had before. again, im really too new to this so i dont know exactly what values need to be changed to get it to function properly, or even if this is theoretically possible at all since there are no previous records of other people doing it anyway. if someone could show me an example of them succeeding in doing so and show me the values they changed i would appreciate that because im clearly missing something here by not putting values in the correct spot.
  13. @LordBenji so it should be an easy swap out by taking the data path from my w900 paintjob and simply replacing the current paintjob data path of the 389? would the colors of the w900 also copy over or would i have to edit those manually? sorry, im still relatively new to save editing so i dont want to end up stuck figuring out why values arent changing.
  14. so it's shown that you can use save editing to take bumpers off of one truck and apply it to another. does the same count for paintjobs? is it possible to save edit a paintjob off of one truck and apply it to another? if so, what would be the data path need to be so it shows up on the corresponding truck? im trying to take the divided paintjob from my w900 and apply it to my 389 but cant quite get it to show up.
  15. Suggestion Name: Use of turnpike doubles/rule update Suggestion Description: The use of turnpike doubles in MP should not be a bannable offense. I bring attention to rules 2.17 subsection 6 "Only one full-length trailer is allowed." and rule 2.20 "You are not allowed to save edit the double or triple trailers, except for changing the paintjob only.". Turnpike doubles are legally allowed to operate in Nevada and Arizona(restricted to I-15 only). Therefore I would like to call for a revision to have exceptions made for the use of turnpike doubles save editing in MP. There is nothing wrong with the combination for drivers who know how to control them. It's irrelevant for people who can't drive with existing singles or doubles since the magnitude 55l's with the heavy haul DLC are just as long as turnpikes and everyone has access to them. Players using them to troll/block are also irrelevant because of the same reason, the magnitude 55l is already available to everyone, so an additional trailer type is not going to make any difference either way because as trolls, they're breaking the rules regardless. The edit itself does not cause any glitching and is 100% stable within the servers from crashes of any kind since only SCS assets are used through a single replacement which doesn't make it excessive. There is a complete difference between adding 25 feet to a rear trailer of a rocky mountain double by removing the 28 foot pup and replacing it with a full length 53 foot trailer versus adding 4 additional trailers to a set of triples creating a roadtrain. It shouldn't matter if SCS at any point originally had this intended because every form of save editing that is allowed is exactly the opposite of that reason. Players use long chassis on daycabs(which is not a customization option), remove trailer limits to bring triples/rocky mountain doubles outside of Nevada, change trailer colors, edit cargo weights to make trailers heavier or lighter, change all trailers to a single type which gives them incorrect and unrealistic cargo/destinations for the sake of convoys, remove loads from the magnitude 55l and other flatbeds to make them look "empty", and so on and so forth. All of which are save edits that SCS haven't had intended to implement but are allowed anyway and no one gets banned. The use of turnpike doubles(within means) are not any different from those previous mentioned save edits, therefore, should not be a bannable offense. In rule 2.20, it states "On ETS2, doubles are only allowed inside the Scandinavia DLC.", yet for ATS, there is no rule that says triples and rocky mountain doubles are only allowed in Nevada despite being the only state they operate in. Players bring them out all the time. Realism has already been thrown out the window long ago, so trying use that as an alibi that I've seen in previous doubles threads is not going to work. And with all that said, I require a legitimate reason as to why running turnpikes can get you banned while none of those other forms of save editing do when they're all the exact same thing. Any example media: Why should it be added: Because this shouldn't be a matter of controversy. It would make a lot of players who run LCV's much happier to have an additional trailer type that won't get them banned. Otherwise you are creating an unfair biased structure on a specific type of save editing that operates within legal means, causes no problems, and banning people because you "have to" without having a true reason other than some outdated rules. ***EDIT: I realized the Comdata photo explaining Arizona LCV laws is too small cannot be enlarged to read properly, so here is the link for it; http://www.gwtlm.com/comdata/pdf/Arizona.pdf
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