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  1. [T.R.G] - Hasblack!

    Multiplayer Distance

    Thank you all, it seems the problem has been solved following your recommendations. Also what caused the error was my network provider. Again, thank you all.
  2. [T.R.G] - Hasblack!

    Multiplayer Distance

    Hello, greetings to all. I have the following problem: Sometimes I do not appear players in the multiplayer, however other players if they see me, but I do not. I also do not know if it is normal that I see players more than 3.000 meters away. After playing 20 minutes I get the message that I have been disconnected from the server because my ping is very high, I have a 100 MB connection and live in Mexico. I already reinstall my network driver and it seems to solve the problem, but now I see the players far away. I hope you can help me, thank you.