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  1. UgurS

    Best scania trucks>

    My favorite Scania truck is S730. In my opinion, it looks awesome. Also it’s interior is nice too.
  2. Happy Birthday TimeTimes! By the way sorry, I am late :( :wub:

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      No worries :D 

      Thank you :D 

  3. UgurS

    Happy Birthday MHT_! Have a nice year :)

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      Thanks a lot! :) 

  4. I am very hyped too. It will be awesome but we must wait for it. I am sure waiting will worth for it. The places where are not very populated will be more enjoyable because driving alone can sometimes be boring.
  5. The convoy that you organized looks good. Scandinavia is not very populated like when it first released. I got happy to see someone organizing convoy there. I hope we can see Scandinavia populated again
  6. Your idea is awesome but it is very hard to add it to game. It has to be added by TruckersMP since there is no multiplayer version of ETS2/ATS. Also as grundi2601 said, there isn’t a free walk system in game so it is harder for TruckersMP to add something like that. Maybe they can make something by using free cam. However, I don’t think it can work like you suggested.
  7. UgurS

    How Many Web Reports Have You Submitted ?

    I have 4 pages of reports but the 4th page is not full with reports. Most of them are accepted.
  8. UgurS

    Let people know if you are typing

    I liked the idea. Sometimes drivers slowdown or stop for a while. It will be nice to see if the player is slowed down or stopped to type.
  9. UgurS

    What is the best truck brand?

    Personally, I love Scania S730 because it looks modern and nice. Also Scania is powerful so I think it is the best truck for carrying heavy cargos.
  10. UgurS

    [FORUM] Size of Cover Photo

    Thanks for your guide about forum cover photo size. It will help me very much
  11. Thanks for following :) 

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      You're welcome

  12. Thanks for following :)

    1. TimeTimes


      No problem :) 

  13. UgurS

    afk timer

    I agree with you but players may use configuration screens to stay AFK for a long time and as a solution servers will be full. However, in my opinion AFK timer would be nice to see how much time we have before being kicked.
  14. Hello, Lets talk about our interests and hobbys. I think everyone has interest at least 1. Some people have unique interests and skills. Do you prefer being at home or outside? First of all, I want to start from myself. I love reading posts in forums and playing games. I don’t like doing sports much but my favorite sport is cycling. Also I like playing basketball too. I used to play guitar.
  15. UgurS

    When will the winter mod be added ?

    I also missed the winter mod like everyone. I hope TruckersMP improves the winter mod. It may be late because of Beyond The Baltic Sea DLC. I think they are working to make winter mod compatible with Beyond The Baltic Sea DLC.