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  1. Merhaba Forum ; Yeni çıkan volvo tunning pack ile ilgili düşünceleriniz neler ve güzel bir araç yapan varsa paylaşabilir mi ? What are your thoughts about the new "volvo tunning pack and can anyone make a nice car share? Saygılarımla / Respects [AkTürk] Enver
  2. Hello Forum ; It may be easier if the lamps in the picture are installed at the same time. EforTrans | YoungCaptain - Respects -
  3. Hello ; How does our rank on the forum rise? TurkıshCrew | Enver -------------------------------- Respects
  4. Hello ; Just shoot your video and report directly Good Forum , Good Games , TurkıshCrew | Enver ---------------------------------------- Respects
  5. Hello ; I usually turn off the radio because there are people who use a lot of slang words. Good Games ; Good Forums ; TurkıshCrew | Enver ----------------------------------- Respects
  6. Hello ; I've been playing for a long time and I've finished the game's own map.But I couldn't finish the Dlc Maps yet. Good Games ; Good Forums ; TurkıshCrew | Enver --------------------------- Respects
  7. Good Night Forum 😴




    TurkıshCrew | Enver🔴⚪

  8. Hello ; Manual Transmission is More Advantageous at Take Off. So my favorite... Good Games ; Good Forums ;
  9. Hello ; Because They Are Very Realistic And Tasteful Games. Good Games ; Good Forums ; TurkıshCrew | Enver ------------------------ Respects
  10. Hello What do you think about random road events ? TurkısCrew | Enver ----------------------------- Respects
  11. Hello ; I recommend Man. Because I heard that the gearbox is strong, I usually use man on short roads. Turkısh Crew | Enver ----------------------------------- Yours truly
  12. Hello Forum ; Can we open our own channel in the game radio? Good Day Good Games Turkısh Crew | Enver ----------------------- Yours truly
  13. @weezy I understand. Thanks for the information you provided Turkısh Crew | Enver Yours truly
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    November 13, 2017


    🚚 Age : 18

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    🚚 Steering Wheel : Logitech G27

    🚚 Rank : Veteran Driver

  15. Hello Forum ; The report I submitted on 21 August 12:48 has not been checked What is the reason ? Good Day , Good Game Turkısh Crew | Enver Yours truly -------------------------------------------------
  16. Hello Forum ; By opening my own company and recruiting online players. making money is a good idea I think Good Forums Good Games
  17. Hello Forum , What is the reason for this error?
  18. Good Morning Forum What is the solution to this problem ? A friend is looking for help Good Forums Good Games
  19. Son günlerde Italia DLC'nin geleceği açıklandı. Kaça mal olacak?
  20. Dear @Yoyo_ManSg Thanks for your suggestion Dear @J_Gamer_13 I will try this thank you
  21. It looks empty when you enter the shipping market. Note : You can take a closer look at the video below Video : Regards [DURMAZLAR] Enver
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