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  1. Hello ; These steering wheels are not suitable for very large new model vehicles
  2. oh nice Why are the inscriptions on the tires green?
  3. Yeah, but many have quit the game after not getting the old flavor
  4. Hello Forum ; How long is Master Trucker valid after paying its fee? Master Trucker Madalyası Alındıktan Sonra Ne Kadar Süre İle Geçerli ? Respects [AkTürk]Enver
  5. I entered at noon, there were 3000 people. However, it can be as you said.
  6. Hello ; The evening hours are getting more full Good Day Good Forums Respects [AkTürk]Enver
  7. Merhaba Forum ; Sade sevenler için araçlarınızın fotoğraflarını gönderin . Send photos of your vehicles for those who like plain. TruckersMP [AkTürk] Enver Respects
  8. Merhaba Forum ; Yeni çıkan volvo tunning pack ile ilgili düşünceleriniz neler ve güzel bir araç yapan varsa paylaşabilir mi ? What are your thoughts about the new "volvo tunning pack and can anyone make a nice car share? Saygılarımla / Respects [AkTürk] Enver
  9. Hello Forum ; It may be easier if the lamps in the picture are installed at the same time. EforTrans | YoungCaptain - Respects -
  10. Hello ; How does our rank on the forum rise? TurkıshCrew | Enver -------------------------------- Respects
  11. Good Night Forum 😴




    TurkıshCrew | Enver🔴⚪

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