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  1. Handige uitleg! Vooral het stukje met hoe je de permissie überhaupt krijgt. Bedankt.
  2. @d_saiz, on the second one I see you actually steering towards him too, instead of avoiding the collision.
  3. /fix command (werkt alleen als je een trailer hebt aangekoppeld op het moment)
  4. Eet smakelijk zo meteen, Nederlanders & Vlamingen!

  5. Cars aren't the problem, the people driving them are the problem. Also, its not just cars, there are also a lot of trollers etc. in trucks. I drive car/truck almost 50%/50% and I see that overall people report cars way faster than trucks when doing something against the rules, wich is pretty weird actually, bacause trucking-players also got to be reported, this is pretty unfair actually.
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