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  1. Hey guys

    In a few hours we will start the journey with many companies, so I recommend the truckers who will pass through Calais - Hannover, keep distance, because the traffic is very slow. We expect around 300 - 400 trucks on this journey (in Europe # 02).


    Thanks :D 

  2. Thanks for following me <3

    Welcome to the LSPD Crew


    One more about my VTC (FBTC ®) :D 




  4. Yes, this is the FBTC! (Family Brazil Truck Club)00000000002DD047.jpg

  5. Black Friday, where are you ? :(

  6. Hey @BigLarge, thank you for follow me. :D 

    1. BigLarge


      Yo're Welcome mate :D

  7. Happy Birthday ! (Parabéns!) ;)

  8. Hi everybody! Good work and good week to all of us truckers. :)

  9. Yes, I thank you all for your help I hope one day to reach your level! hahaha.
  10. Hi people, I'm new here and I've seen many veterans who have a good reputation in the forum with posts and comments. I would like to know how I could have more knowledge about the forum, how to make good posts and others, like take a tour . Thank you
  11. A Família Brasil Truck Club (FBTC ®) está recrutando novos membros Também deseja participar desta grande empresa ? Entre em contato : ✮ TeamSpeak : fbtc.stchost.com.br ✮ YouTube : https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCq0MmfnlIC7kj3Fkx2-Bfow ✮ Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/groups/familiabtcoficial/?ref=br_rs Tamo Junto !
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