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  1. probs adding friends

    thanks all change the f1 to another key working so far thanks for all your help people
  2. probs adding friends

    can any1 help me out
  3. probs adding friends

    hi guys for the past few days when I play online I cant add friends every time I try and add a friend when playing online my game pause so I then press f1 but wont unpause only thing I can do then is restart pc hope it make sence thanks for help people
  4. special transport cargo

    answers thanks again all
  5. special transport cargo

    hi guys we not allowed to drive special transport cargo online are we cheers?
  6. slow truck

    yes happy with answers thanks for all your help people
  7. slow truck

    hi all any help when i pull off in my truck its seem really slow and takes a while b4 i get good speed is there anything i can change in settings to get better speed cheers
  8. lag or is it just me

    yes be answered thanks guys
  9. lag or is it just me

    hi guys for the past couple of weeks when there like 100 trucks by me my game runs really slow like lag do we all get this or is it just me,and also when i pass other trucks my screen goes black wasnt there some sort of patch to fix this any help on theres 2 question cheers all and thanks
  10. refresh rate

    yes thanks guys
  11. refresh rate

    hi all whats the best refresh rate to have in graphic game settings cheers
  12. hi guys and happy new year to u all,just asking how long do we have the winter mod for cheers 


    1. Aestrial


      Most likely for the rest of this month, but there's no date afaik to when it'll be removed.

  13. Happy new year all hope 2018 is a good one for you :):)

    1. izm07


      Happy new year! ^_^

  14. Grand Gift Delivery 2017

  15. Grand Gift Delivery 2017

    hi all how do we get the christmas cargo as i dont see any loads to make any christmas deliveries on line cheers for help