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  1. hi yes it be solved thanks
  2. #Stay Safe

    FPS drops

    hi all i did question about 2 weeks ago about my fraps drops when there about 100 players around i try all advice but nothing helps anyway how come i can play othere games online and there about 200 or 300 players online but my frap stay at around 50 so is it the servers on trucker mp maybe?cheer for help
  3. hi yes im trying some of the tips so can be closed thanks
  4. thanks guys my socket is LGA 1151 so as far as i know i can get i3 i5 and i7 6th generation if i get a i5 6500 or 6600k cpu do u think that will help me as i7 bit out of my price range cheers for help
  5. hi all my pc specs are 16gb ddr ram 1050 ti graphics card intel i3 and internet connection is 66mb i know lots say this but my fraps drop from 60 to about 12 when there about 60 players around me with my pc specs should i be getting fraps drops like this or could my graphic cards setting possible be set wrong any help thanks
  6. hi guys i just change from direct x 9 to direct x 11 in my config files via notepad just like to know whats the benfits of this in euro truck if any cheers
  7. hi sorry ment email address i have did all this and unstall game but its still same and same for my graphics setts and controllor sett nothing saves
  8. hi all when i start game i have to put username and pw in and agree to terms but i tick box but they dont save also i do my graphics right set up my controllor all work fine untill i turn game off the when i want to play again i have to put user name and pw back in even tho i tick box and also need to do graphics again and set up my game controllor its like nothing saving hope its all clear any help cheers, ps also open support ticket
  9. #Stay Safe


    hi guys fix that issue now just reset my bios, but got diffrent problem now i start game sign into truckers mp then i set up my controllor then set graphics all working fine but when i stop playing game and when i load game up again later i need to put in password email and i need to set up all my controllor and graphics again as it dont seem to save hope it all clear thanks guys
  10. #Stay Safe


    hi yes i run benchmark for 5 min works fine,i got rid of the overclocking and game still crash now i see f there a update cheers
  11. #Stay Safe


    hello i overclocked my cpu and graphics card when i play truckers mp online my game crash after about 2 but day b4 was working fine with overclock but game fine offline any help cheers
  12. hi there i ask question in above link cheers
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