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  1. Hello TruckersMP players I have noticed that there is no trailer Reno, I haven't seen him lately and I would like to know 1.Where was the trailer removed? and why? 2.Why not take it back to TruckersMP ? Thank you for listening
  2. Hello everyone, today is my sad day...
    The reason was the death of my cat,who was the best friend who pleased me to the last.
    But he was gone, and it's hard for me to bear it...

    It was the case so I Wake up in the morning, the day started out fun but then in the evening when I came home after a walk I in the dark corridor lay fluffy tomochic.I quickly ran to my Kitchen and see it not disit and I noticed how his mouth blood was shed... 

    Then I was in a state of shock tried to do something but I have nothing did not work and it was hard to see as he lies with blood in his mouth...

    It was the fact that I have Semyon walked on the street and a drunken man throw Kamet and hit the cat I did not understand why he did it.But thanks to the people who told me this situation...And I realized that such people live in peace.Without stifling izvergi mocking jivotnimi.

    I tell you to be careful and take care of the animals they are not what is wrong do not Yes spoil the property furniture,it can all be done to repair.And life will not return so take care of domestic Pets

    2017.02.16 - 2018.08.19

    1. schrute_farms


      Dont gonna create a smiley or anything, to show my condolences.

      This is really hard, man. Like you would loose a member of your family. Exactly like loosing a human being.


      Lost 3 shepherds, and having my 4th now. You'll never conquer that pain, but it get easier. Thats how life goes.


      I hope you're getting through it, man. Get ur chin up.

    2. Killua  // Ireland ^_^

      Killua // Ireland ^_^

      This is awful :( So sad :( RIP :(

  3. At what age did you drive first time car?

    A good question to ask this on the forum Well, I started to ride at 16 now I'm 18 and I razezhayut in Berlin on his bibice
  4. How good when there is a friend @David Edson who will offer a ride to the beautiful places of Italy.
    Thank you for your time, buddy.:)

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    2. TumbEd


      2nd picture looks like crime scene :lol:

    3. wesleyr99


      Nada melhor do q viajar na cia de um admin :D

    4. LuiGi Junior

      LuiGi Junior

      @TumbEd This is my Skoda was after Calais:)

  5. It's hard to know you're alone:(
    Riding one I think to get me to do it,ridiculous name but I set a goal "to join the team TruckersMP" and after seeing 3 ban on your profile made me sad.:mellow:
    Well, still, I will not stop and achieve what I wanted though the chances will be minimal-_-

    1. TumbEd


      Hope you achieve your goal, good luck! :lol:

    2. Killua  // Ireland ^_^
    3. [ETS2MCG] Kien Giang

      [ETS2MCG] Kien Giang

      wow nice photo and truck :wub:

  6. Suggestions for creating a constraint

    @desmills Well, this feature will ease traffic C-D
  7. Hello dear TruckersMP I want to ask you a few questions about creating a speed limiter on the C-D road. 1.If you can create a speed limit on the road C-D 80-90 kilometers? 2.Why not make such a function as in the city ? This is at the expense of the speed limiter is a good offer to put her on the road C-D because 1.Less emergencies will be on the road 2.Fewer intruders will be on the road 3.A small crowd of people because 80-90 kilometers per hour, will be very boring to drive. 4.Less inadequate drivers trying to cut at a speed preventing you from driving on the road Thank you for your attention I will be very interested to read your response/feedback on such a proposal Thanks for your attention regards LuiGi Junior
  8. Bad manner???

    Hey I believe that on the road C-D it is better to put a limit on the rate. For example 1.Here you are quietly eating 80 not any overtaking would not be mad 2.Emergency situations will be less as 80 km per hour it is impossible to perform any kind of accident as you can manage to automatise A lot to perechislit if you do the speed limit on C-D because less is inadequate will be on the road and some will be boring to drive on C-D 80-90 kilometers Thanks for your attention regards LuiGi Junior
  9. Trailers

    Hi @MichaelLima2017 even 1.32 is not in TruckersMP and you're asking "is it possible to buy a trailer" You can buy a trailer in solitary confinement on version 1.32 is beta testing and there will be able to ride. And have not yet released the 1.32 in TruckersMP and still do not know what will happen next! Thank you for listening
  10. URAA I have a new rank 1 ton Carav :check:
    Now it will be easier for me to accelerate on the truck:thisisfine::110:

  11. Thank @David Edson @jerome13  you for the ride with us from Oslo to Bergen was very nice:)

  12. Hello all, I invite you to own Discord :thisisfine:

  13. All hi, I propose to lead a new painting called PILICE:thisisfine:    Wooooop Woooop 

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    2. DJFrontier
    3. TumbEd


      From the side looks like casual Scout pilot but from the front a Police car :lol:

    4. [VIVA] PsychicznyMajster

      [VIVA] PsychicznyMajster

      Oh damn i got it now. I think it was a new paint but they respawn in their ... oh damn Cj ! :troll: