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    photography, cooking food, aviation, have my Disco as a main income, flight simulators are my main game play.
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  1. anthony272

    Do you guys record your drivings?

    I not only stream my driving but also screen shot crashes. I normally use europe server 1 as this is more for the play by rules respectful server. Europe server 2 is just plain disrespectful driving most of the time due to Idiots who just want to wreck the game play of others. I stream on twitch.tv
  2. anthony272

    Steam / SCS / TruckersMP

    Thanks for your response Anriandor. I understand it is not down to TruckersMP, Your work is never ending, and you do a great job. I just feel that SCS should support you guys, after all if No-one wrote a multiplayer patch then their software would die a natural death. as user would loose interest Quick. Just a shame they could not do more to support what you, as they benefit from your work. ATVB (Tony)
  3. anthony272

    Steam / SCS / TruckersMP

    Now I do not really get how all this works. Today yippee Multi-play was updated 20/12/17 GREAT Yet by dinner (Lunch) Time it was down again Why are these updates not corresponding. I would have thought that SCS would let 3rd parties know what they were about to update and then inform those changes to 3rd party programmers so they could all be on the same page. This is so frustrating they we cannot multi-play for days or weeks in ATS. ATS updated via steam in the time it took to make a coffee and sandwhich. once again multi-play down and out. Getting to be like Windows updates, just mess us about. Merry Christmas and Thanks for what you have done this year. been Fun
  4. anthony272

    Simulation or game

    Beside the two Truck Sim's I have (ATS / ETS ), I have for the past 20 years flown in the Microsoft Flight Sim's Wouldn't it be great if Truck sim could be the land version of Flight simulators. I have flown for virtual airline "nobleair.net" for 17 years and the advances over the years have been massive. Trucks could be driving all around the world but things like Real world weather implemented, as in wind snow rain even hurricane force weather could be downloaded as in Flight sim's multi-play already written into trucks, so no matter where in the world you were, all players could be on the same server. Maybe one day if I'm we lucky to live long enough, just maybe Flight sim, Trucks ,buses ,trains and ship sim could be amalgamated all into one multiplayer simulation. Merry Christmas all
  5. anthony272

    Winter is coming...

    Hey everyone Hold on a minute. Snow, what the big deal. Snow turns to slush. slush and road salt turns too: Bloody hard work cleaning my nice new paint and rig.
  6. anthony272 Released

    A before E in the alphabet... frustrating part for me in they upgrade ETS and it messes up ATS. But then considering the fact unlike some other software companies, at least Upgrades come and multiplayer is fixed. Thanks to all who keep this working. Its more than I could do.