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  1. You can use it (there is no cheat detection or other things), but if they see that you get no damage, you will get banned. Personally, i think its a bad idea that we aren't anymore allowed to simply use a no-damage mod. People with cheated money can easily repair their trucks, so it doesnt mind them if they crash into other trucks/trailers. It is really annoying to use a quicksave everytime you get hit, there are many people who like to fuck you off, so don't think you only have to use the quicksave option every drive only 1 time - you have to use it often - believe me. Did all team members met and spoke about it? We should re-think this decision in my opinion, but its the admins choice. Greetings
  2. Hey, Sadly, i thought the 4th december is also a application-day, but the recruitment center closed at the morning, i was 10 minutes to late. (But i also have to get more knowledge, so i dont worry about it. if the recruitment opens again, i'm there^^) greetings
  3. Hey, finish your drivings/deliverys in singleplayer if you want to get money and EXP.^^ If you connect to one of the servers (and the connection is going to be established), the time gets synchronized with the server. Because of that, the time between the SP and MP is so big, that you get over a million hours delay. I often forgot to end the jobs, but one day, i will remember it.^^ greetings
  4. Hey, driving at Calais-Duisburg road is like suicide. I ALWAYS get a hit from another truck, there is no way to get out there without damage - i tried to be so careful as i can, but everytime there is someone who is driving like a baby, going left and right, hitting other trucks intentionally. There should be a option to activate a ghostmode so you cant get hit - or there should be more police and admins. greetings
  5. Hey, personally, i like VOLVO and SCANIA the most. The Volvo FH16 with 750 hp (!) is a beast. I get everything easy with this one. (classic or no - i like both, but the old one looks better) Scania has the best acceleration (bc of the high torque), but not that much hp as Volvo got. If i could choose both, i could'nt decide fast, what manufacturer i would choose. it would take a long time to see the differences and benefits for me. greetings
  6. Hey, just be free - dont have company. (oh, that rhymes). I dont have a company and i think i will never apply for one or create one. Im not a fan of this feature, i just like to be free and not bound to any corporation/company. But nevertheless, driving alone is boring. Delivering with friends is the key, to dont get annoyed and bored by the game. Greetings
  7. Hey, thanks for your guide. I'm active in ETS2 since 2 months or something like this. Your guide looks nice and could be helpful in many ways. I just read it and there are things tho, where i dont got many "points". Thanks for sharing to the community! Greetings
  8. Hey, just to say - this dual tires look awesome. That Looks far better in in my opinion. I think it would be a great feature to implement them into the game, so we have more variety of tires. greetings
  9. Hey, looks like a nice tool. I used ets2sync webpage and many other programs and ways to get the same jobs as my friends, but no one did work correctly. Im going to try this program if i'm at home, i hope it does work. KEEP UP THE NICE WORK! greetings
  10. Hey, nice website. Looks like a good tool to get information about a specific road, but you could add a placeholder like "Empty" or "Very low" for roads and cities. Not necessary, but would be nice to see that you get a better, detailed description. greetings
  11. Hey, mostly im driving on high-speed like 100 km/h or so on, so it helps me many times, if im driving into a curve and see that i dont get it without slowing down. But (sadly :C) rarely, if i brake to hard, my truck and trailer is slidering around like ice-skater, so i have to look out how hard i can press my brakes - finding an perfect midpoint between controlled, but hard braking is a matter of its own. experience is useful^^ greetings
  12. For sure EU2 in my opinion. How the first on answer on this thread told, there is the most "life" on this server, compared to the other ones. (there is no speedlimit too, :DD) However, Duisburg is the purest horror, always traffic jams and people who drive between the lanes of the road. Most of them ramm you too. In rare times, i use an anti-damage-mod to avoid consequential damages to my freight. :/
  13. Yeah, another lightbar for Pilotcars would be nice. A lightbar like that would be awesome, plus that in RL new cars and emergencycars are using LED-bars right now. they are more brighter and visually more visible than normal rotators or normal flashing-lights.
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