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  1. I. I really liked this update as a logo and graphic designer. really scs congratulations. This time they did it.
  2. I'm a logo and graphic designer, my name is sercan. I've been doing this for 3 years. and I love my job.


    If you want. I can design a free logo or cover image.



  3. After this new update. 1.33


    Drift Truck Simulator 2

  4. This version is really good. but you will miss the old version. THANK YOU TruckersMP
  5. yay. new update 1.33. ı love this

  6. I don't really know that, but I believe it's an incredible DLC.
  7. Thanks bro. congrats TruckersMP
  8. I recommend you to buy. because there are beautiful roads.
  9. This new design was, made by ripuz.


    I can design the cover photo for TruckersMP players. free


  10. eyvallahda neden ingilizce. Ben türkish bölümüne açtım. Konuyu Teşekkürler kardeşim. İyi günler
  11. Burda istediğiniz Gibi Skoda Görüntüleri&Videoları Paylaşmak Serbesttir UYARI: Spam Gönderi Yapmayınız.
  12. Çeviri için teşekkürler. Gerçekten işlerine yarıyacaklarına inanıyorum. @DarkOwl
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