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  1. Thank u so much for updating I really know this game will evolve. they are trying for a great job.
  2. Good luck to everyone. I know it will be a great convoy. I hope you have fun.
  3. Just a little edit


    AFTER                       ripuz-style-banner.png




    BEFORE                          ripuz-style-banner.png

  4. Güzel cevap için teşekkürler. Söylediklerinize hak veriyorum. ve farlarımı her zaman kontrol ederim. hiç kapatmam, gece gündüz farlar açık kalır.
  5. Good luck to everyone for this wonderful convoy. Hope you have fun.
  6. My new TMP Banner







    Designed by ripuz

    1. #OmSaL


      Wow, great.

  7. Şu soruyu sormak istiyorum. ETS2MP de neden Havayı gündüz yapma kodu Devredışı bırakıldı. Önceden Gündüz yapma kodu çalışıyordu. ve güzel oluyordu.
  8. Congrats Matt Captain

    1. Μatt


      Thanks so much Ripuz ❤️

  9. Congrats. cool person

    1. TFM_Cyberskilzz


      Thankyou very much 

  10. Congrats. cool person

  11. Congrats. cool person

    1. smackywacky_
    2. -RiPuZ- Style

      -RiPuZ- Style

      For you good luck.

  12. My new one more banner



  13. I love so much Canada. there are great people

    1. TFM DJ ccowie

      TFM DJ ccowie

      Hey, thank you! :)

  14. My new TMP Banner




  15. First of all, I want to say this. This work is a great success. this is developing more and more i know and Im trust. GREAT JOB TMP
  16. Hey guys


    If you are looking for great logistics. you should definitely look at this. <<< www.primevtc.com >>> VİSİT SİTE


    There are great people and studies in this logistics.
    and it has really big members.



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    2. Talha Mert

      Talha Mert

      Muhtemelen lojistik ile alakalı 🤔 😂

    3. -RiPuZ- Style

      -RiPuZ- Style

      @TFM DJ ccowie I think you misunderstood me.

      I joined Prime Logistics on November 19, 2019


    4. TFM DJ ccowie

      TFM DJ ccowie

      Haha, I just meant, I hope you find some more drivers through this post. :)

  17. Good night to all the great tmp players. :tmp:

  18. Thanks to this winter mod, now everywhere is very white. so i don't use it. Pleasant to see greenery, bird and grass and HD
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