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  1. This team is really solid. and I wish you success.
  2. I like this video and the music you put on is very nice.
  3. All of your photos are great. but I wondered something. where is the road in this photo?
  4. For all players with birthdays.
    :check:(HAPPY BİRTHDAY):check:

  5. I have a suggestion. To prevent slippery roads, delete the "frosty_physics_7_01.scs" mod. otherwise this may lead to an accident. (DANGEROUS) Of course you can do as you like.
  6. I'm Canadian. I want to meet you.

    1. TFM DJ ccowie

      TFM DJ ccowie

      Haha, I don't think the forums would be the correct place to organise a meet-up, sorry.

  7. I always fix 100 - 112 speed. calais-Duisburg. and would recommend.
  8. This knowledge was good. thanks.
  9. I really congratulate this team. knows his job
  10. ı am logo designer. but I have never seen such extraordinary shots.
  11. Congrats :check:

  12. hey mate,
    Have you ever seen a veteran driver protecting such a strip?


  13. Congrats


  14. Hey @Dziada


    nickname has been changed and you have been expelled from human resources. why is that ?

    1. Dziada


      Stuff and things. 

  15. Hey dude. the photos are really awesome. you are king
  16. @[ÇELEBİ-TM]-Veli Öncelikle hayırlı günler. Merhaba. Sorununuzla ilgili size bu program ile yardım edebilirim. "TeamViewer 14" Güvenceniz varsa. bu programı indirip son sürümü izle kurulum yapın. ve bana (bu konuya) mesaj atın.
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