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  1. Been away for couple days but I’m back, working as a media producer for some charity events. Will be starting to stream ets2 today! Hopefully you guys will like it. :)

  2. Hello @ahmed elMasrey2019 You can not transfer DLC or the game itself to another account. Steam does not allow players to send or transfer used games or them DLC’s. However you can always send CD Keys through steam gifts during checkout to another account. Also, if you have any issue with your account like password forgotten, isername forgotten, or others and your account holds multiple costly games. Please do contact steam support here https://help.steampowered.com/en/ and they will look into the matter. Regards
  3. D6qkZu8.png
    What do you guys think about my work?

  4. My content count and community reputation, both are veryically as well as horizontally opposite at the same time rn.

    1. Leon Baker
    2. tfmpillow


      I used to have that too, before I got to get more reputation than posts.

    3. [MCG] Kien Giang
  5. Hello @Kewai99 [ITA] Most probably these guides will help upu get a caravan trailer. If you want scout car and caravan trailer kn singleplayer, you can download mods and install tell with the given step wise through the following topic :
  6. Hello fellow community members,

    is there any web developer / designer on the forum who can help me for a website.

    1. ImOllie


      Sure, drop me a message on Discord.



  7. Hello @(EndoSKy) (Driver 1) VTC First of all we welcome you to the truckersmp community. Now, As you are new to the truckersmp community i would suggest you have a look at the beginners guide in the guide section of the forum that you can find here. For your issue, the truckersmp Europe 2 server is the most busy one. If you want to avoid ramming and crashing i would suggest you to drive on the Europe 4 server which is freeroam (Non Collisions Zone server). If you still want yo drive on the other servers and avoid these accodental problems please do tead the following guide and abide by the points.
  8. Sneak peak of my latest work designs and photography plus my new Virtual Trucking company. Still in developement.




  9. Beyond the baltic Sea DLC is looking amazing already. I am really curious for new roads and scenes. Hopefully it will support multiplayer as soon as possible.
  10. hello @Erylson i've been noticing this problem all over the forum. This might be some problem with the website server host or the launcher servers as some of them couldn't update the launcher and some can't download it. I would suggest you to read these following post / sections attached below for other information you can try to solve the issue.
  11. Hello @MrMoHA2020 I am pretty sure this issue is with the link you are trying to download the truckersmp launcher from. The screenshot you posted shows HOST as https://www.download.ets2mp.com whereas the correct link or website to download the launcher is https://truckersmp.com/download hopefully, this will solve your issue. Regards
  12. Hello @MILANESA please try the following solution for your problems, hopefully it may help you : 1. Re-download / re-install truckersmp launcher here. 2. Make sure your internet connection is stable and ping doesn’t fluctuate fast. If re-installing the truckersmp launcher or solving internet issue dosen’t fix the your launcher problems, i would suggest you to create a support ticket here https://support.truckersmp.com and supporters will surely come up with a solution for your issue.
  13. Working on a new VTC. 

    1. [MCG] Kien Giang

      [MCG] Kien Giang

      good luck to you :D 

    2. Fire747


      Thank you so much guys

  14. Hello @GEB 031 Space (MG) You need to log out of forums and then login again once you have changed your name on the website, to update your name on forum. Make sure you read the following guide if you need any other help or support :
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