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  1. thanks for the follow :) 

    1. Helena


      You're welcome  :P

  2. Dunstan

    What is your favourite truck and why?

    Hello My favorite truck is the Mercedes Benz Actros MP4, I love his design inside and outside. It is just an amazing truck. Have a nice evening ! Dunstan
  3. Since I know you, you always have been a very good friend and you were a great manager.
    You did an awesome job, don't doubt about what you did and I wish you good luck in this new team.

    Your dear friend Dunstan :wub:

    1. MHT_


      Thank you very much for your kind words! :wub:

  4. Dunstan

    What's your dream car?

    Good evening , @TotalDiesel My realistic dream car would be a Megane RS, I would like to own this car . I know that a lot of people here don't really like Renault lol Have a nice evening, Dunstan
  5. Dunstan

    Truckers.FM Big Christmas Giveaway!

    Awesome prizes for Christmas ! Good luck to everyone !
  6. Dunstan

    ets2 mp stopped working

    Dear @MihneaGG , I am going to move your topic to help since you're looking for help. Next time, if you have any questions related to TMP, please create a topic in the help section You can find the help section over here : https://forum.truckersmp.com/index.php?/forum/55-help/ The "General Discussion" section is for discussions related to the game ETS2 or ATS2 but not for help related stuff. If you have any further questions feel free to send me a private message. //Moved to Help
  7. du coup il était inutile de le pourchasser et donc @SamuelYT [FR] prit la décision de...
  8. Dunstan

    Recrutement pour la société CMYR !

    Bonsoir ! Je pense qu'il est grand temps d'archiver ce topic, je vais donc procéder à sa fermeture. (Si l'auteur souhaiterait rajouter quelque chose ou modifier le topic, merci de me contacter en privé) //Locked and Moved to French Archive
  9. Dunstan- I'm not be able to make an application, due to the time it shuts down.. ( 16 Dec 18:59 )


    I was wondering if I could be able to apply "even" though I have only been on since ( 17 Sep 20:24 ) Sadly-  


    Thank you very much for reading this post, I hope you have the best of day! 


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    2. Jameshalasz
    3. Dunstan


      Hello @Jameshalasz

      As it is written on the website you cannot apply for this position because you need for at least to be registered since 12 months on TruckersMP, so please wait and then make an application, this is the only thing that I can do in order to help you. Next time send rather a private message than making a status update.

      Thanks for your understanding. 

      Kindest Regards 


    4. Jameshalasz


      Oof Okie ^^ Thanks!


  10. Dunstan

    Realistic simulation time calculations

    Hello @Joao Rodrigues There are too much mathematics for me , but anyway, thank you for that topic, it's very interesting Have a nice day ! Dunstan
  11. Dunstan

    Racontez vos blagues !

    Une femme discute avec une amie : – « J’ai un mari en or. » L’autre lui répond : « Moi, le mien, il est en taule. »
  12. thanks for the follow :) 

  13. Dunstan

    Cool videos

    //Moved to Off Topic Discussion