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  1. happy birthday mate !


    1. Keysotin


      Holy Sh*t... Thanks! Really appreciate it!

    2. Fiixo.


      no problem ^^

  2. The most comprehensive guide I have ever seen on parking in a truck simulator.
  3. Yes I understand that but I will never stop trying.
  4. It's been four years since I got banned and I can't appeal the ban and I would litterally do anything to get unbanned because I can't let go of this community. I still have friends who's playing Tmp and I soo wanna get the emmersion of trucking with others again. So please give me a chance to try and reedem myself from when I was a kid playing the game. I'm streaming on twitch/Keysotin if you want to see my driving experience.
  5. I would pretty much do anything to get unbanned.

  6. My computer is super bad it lags like someone is trying to play csgo on a phone

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