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  1. Golly gosh thanks for the follow ?‍♂️

    1. Sjovn


      Thanks for the follow too ? 

  2. Been a while since we last properly drove but last night I drove from France to Italy again with my bestie @flowahh❤️



  3. Time for some new pictures of one of my favorite trucks.


    Can you guess where the pictures are taken?







    1. Emirhan kurt 29
    2. Killua  // Ireland ^_^

      Killua // Ireland ^_^

      Great photos and good place for photos ?❤️ promods? ?

    3. Purrie


      Yes the top picture is taken in Kirkeness quarry. The bottom photo's are taken on the secret fishguard road.

  4. After doing a D-C run parked up with  @Angelina2417 & @BluMellow




    Not the best picture tbf ?

  5. A pretty busy week as I drove multiple convoys this week but also helped out.

    Obviously the RLC Convoy at tuesday but I also was lead at our saturday convoy.

    And I also was part of the event team at the TruckersFM Convoy of last sunday




    Picture by @Coolieboy

  6. With the RLC Family at yesterdays TruckersMP Convoy




    Picture by @Angelina2417 ❤️

  7. Summer break is over time to get busy again!

    See you tomorrow at the next RLC Convoy at ETS2 version 1.41 ?




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    2. hunter708


      GLBD also will be joining the convoy. ?

      Best wishes for the convoy.

    3. berechtigter


      Welcome back, i cant wait for the convoy tomorrow!

    4. .Pedro.


      Nice photo!

  8. Last thursday we really had the last official RLC Convoy before our Summer Break.

    We had a real nice turnout for our ProMods Canada route from Hope to Hope.

    So we'll be seeing you again on 3th of August when RLC organizes their next event!


    Thank you all for showing up at our convoys and obviously also a

    huge thanks to our event & media staff ❤️

    Photo credits: @Mingran7



    1. .Pedro.


      Nice pic.

    2. Mingran7


      rlc always be great?

    3. sunwinbus


      @Mingran7Did you see the wheels?:kappa:


    Last tuesdays RLC Convoy. Picture with part of the event staff.


    And also my last convoy (for the time being at least) being a Game Moderator.


    But no worries still TruckersMP Staff as an Eventmeen



  10. Imagine driving 3700 km and making 0 euros because you crash 80km before your destination company....



  11. What is this ? American Truck Simulator or Farming Simulator...


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    2. Killua  // Ireland ^_^

      Killua // Ireland ^_^


      All those cows yet still no cow trailer in ATS ? ?

  12. First RLC Convoy on the Iberia DLC ?


    I am in the back protecting our event team against the paparazzi ?




    Photo credits go to @Killua // Ireland ^_^ ❤️

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    2. povgamer


      Great screenshot; I hope you all had fun!

    3. Purrie


      Yes because nobody else took photo's of my truck @VeLociTy XTRoLl smh

    4. Laggy_Lucas
  13. Enjoyed another RLC ATS Convoy last night ❤️



    Picture by @Mingran7 ?

  14. Driving in ProMods again (partly for fun, partly for testing stuff)


    Decided to take a photo myself again ?

    (where is your personal media guru on your non convoy drives ?)



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    2. Lena'


      @Akışahh I came right away, no problem.? Hey Pascalll nice pic ❤️ 

    3. Gmakata


      That was very good trip in promods?

    4. JISOO.


      Nice pic, hope you had a good trip :pascalgood:

  15. I truly enjoyed myself this month so far as it was quite a busy month for me.

    Not only do we have our weekly RLC Tuesday Convoys but also a RLC ATS Convoy (one more coming up this month)

    I also got to lead the #TMP7 ATS Convoy and worked at the #TMP7 ETS2 Convoy. (see if you can spot me in the wonderful video of TNT404)

    Whenever I have the free time I also enjoy driving convoys. Last night I attended the Phoenix ProMods Convoy in the UK.

    Photo credits: ❤️
    @Gmakata@Createrdo [BG]@the real Dutchman@Coolieboy












  16. Showing off again with a picture of the very talented @Createrdo [BG]


    Very cool don't you agree? ❤️




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    2. Purrie


      Yes I love those colors on this truck.


      Absolutely stunning photo by Crea #1

    3. Velo
    4. Createrdo [BG]

      Createrdo [BG]

      Im so happy u like that photo ?

  17. Just look at these amazing photo's @Createrdo [BG]made off my truck when I was tail at the last RLC Convoy ?


    Thanks buddy


    And don't forget to join RLC tonight on another convoy!

    Event server opens at 18:00 CET and we depart at 20:00 CET




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    2. wesleyr99
    3. Purrie


      Oops I just pressed the report button on someones reaction ?

    4. Createrdo [BG]

      Createrdo [BG]

      Im so glad u like my photos ?

  18. Taking a break in the port after another successful delivery to the UK.



  19. For some reason I've lost about 20-25% of my progress on my ProMods profile.

    So that means I just have to re-explore some of the roads like for instance on Iceland



  20. Waiting for the others to arrive ?



  21. A part of our amazing event staff of yesterdays convoy ❤️


    Thank you all for attending our 3 year anniversary convoy.


    And thank you to our amazing Event Team & Media Team for their hard work.

    It is much appreciated!



  22. Took a trip down the C-D road with my double trailer today (well a part of the C-D road anyway)


    Banned some bad people along the way.


    And look at that an RLC3Y license plate already 


    Tomorrow is the day, I hope you all can attend to the RLC 3 Years Anniversary Convoy ?




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    2. XeoNN


      Nice photo! :) 

    3. -Elvis-


      Big fan it will be a great day :D 

    4. Velo


      Come around so fast ?

  23. Another great RLC Convoy last night. And I drove Co-lead in this Volvo beauty.
    Thank you @VeLociTy XTRoLlfor that!

    We hope to see you all at RLC's 3th birthday next sunday the 21st

    More Info: https://truckersmp.com/events/20-rlc3-year-anniversary



    Photo credits: @Createrdo [BG]?

  24. Taking a short break while hauling a cargo from the Longyearbyen seeds vault.



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