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  1. Smiley :)

    The Last Post Wins!

    So far i am winning!
  2. Smiley :)

    Which of these games do you like?

    Like ETS 2 better then ATS as i can relate more to the traffic laws and the surroundings. Like it has the same trucks and trailers that are usually used in Scandinavia.
  3. Smiley :)

    New PC question?

    I have a 2tb external hard-drive on the side. Around 500-600 Euros
  4. Smiley :)

    New PC question?

    So currently i own a potato laptop which barerly runs ETS2 and ATS. I found a "kinda good" PC for a decent price, but don't know that much about specs. So i need some help!! Specs: AMD Ryzen 3 2200 3,7 GHz Nvidia Geforce GTX1050 2GB (OC-Edition) 8GB DDR4 3000 MHz (G-Skill Gaming) 240GB SSD (Kingston) 550 Watt Corsair VS series (80 PLUS) Gigabyte GA-A320M-H (AM4, USB3.1) Windows 10 Home Premium (Lite version)
  5. Smiley :)

    Add a Real Life Trucking area to the forums

    Supported, i myself are in my final year in school to become a truck driver! I would love to have that!
  6. Emerge Logistics has now merged with SYG https://vtc.selectyourgame.net/. This thread can be removed!
  7. Emerge Logistics are looking for a web-developer; Join our discord to discuss it more: https://discord.gg/uW9UTVT
  8. We are now looking for staff members aswell, head over to http://emergelogisticsvtc.com/apply/index.html and apply for staff today!
  9. Emerge Logistics has now opened its doors for new drivers! Emerge Logistics VTC was founded in the end of November and are now ready to receive new drivers! We are a VTC that focuses on drivers having a great time while driving with us. Official Requirements to become a Emerge Logistics Driver: 1. Must own official version of ETS2 or ATS. 2. 13+ years old. 3. Minimum 50 hours in ETS2 or ATS (Can Be combined). 4. Must be willing to log jobs atleast 3 times a week. 5. Must have your bans on public on both TruckersMP & Steam. Website: Website Apply: Application Page Discord: Discord
  10. Smiley :)

    Steering wheel angle?

    It was @[RLC] Elsassisch_Trucker Once again thanks for fast support!
  11. Smiley :)

    Steering wheel angle?

    Thank you this helped alot!
  12. Smiley :)

    Steering wheel angle?

    A Logic3 TopDrive GT