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  1. A Debate

    Well I find CSGO stressful especially in competitive against hackers... But C-D is also stressful due to the idiots out there
  2. Simulation and /Fix

    Sounds logical to me. Exactly how I wanted it. Thanks TMP!
  3. LGO Logistics VTC | Delivering what others can't

    Hope the VTC is going well, best of luck!
  4. Longer distance to stop on snow?

    When I did have the snow enabled I saw no difference... I turned it off so I could see the road better
  5. What song are you currently listening to?

    I am currently listening to
  6. Your age

    I am currently 16 and am turning 17 in December this year so I have quite some time until I will be classed in the next age bracket as it is 19-21...
  7. What recording program do you guys use?

    I use shadowplay as I find it easiest to use and record with. One negative is how much space it uses to record video's
  8. [SCS Blog] The Year of the Dog

    Great idea to do. Happy Dog year! Dogs are also my favourite pet
  9. Tip, after somone was ramming you

    The one thing I wish is that /fix would fix the trailer aswell... Anyway thanks for the advice, it will help new users a lot!
  10. 【新年快乐】Chinese New Year Thread

    Happy New Chinese year everyone!
  11. Happy Valentine Day from LTBD

    Happy Valentines day everyone!
  12. Downvote emoji

    Here is what I think: IF the downvote suggestion is accepted and it decreases the user's actual reputation it will be abused and people who hold grudges will abuse it so -1 for that. However, if it is introduced so that it doesn't remove a user's reputation then I wouldn't mind it as people can show disagreement towards posts, so +1 for that
  13. Increase/remove the 200 player queue limit

    I don't see why this is going to benefit anyone... As many people have said removing it will mean less servers get populated and Eu2 will become laggier (probably) due to so many people trying to join at once... -1 from me.
  14. Warning sound for AFK kick

    I think this is good cus as you say when the game is minimised you cannot see the chat warning so a big +1
  15. Custom skin's in MP

    If this will be an issue cus lots of people will want one... then maybe add a section on the relevant game section on the forums for "Request a custom skin" or something so that companies can request to have a custom made paintjob added (not made my TMP devs cus too much work ) so then it could also be restricted to certain size VTC's or any other requirement(s)... Anyway I would like something like this implemented if possible. +1