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  1. Going live!! 


  2. If you only have one 1 month ban in your history and one 3 month ban and you get no bans in the next year then the whole procedure starts again with 2.8 being applied. So, if all your bans have the yellow dot next to them and the statement I said above is true your ban won't be permanent. I would also like to say it is very much situational to what ban length you get depending how many bans you have had in total in your history so this is a little hard to answer without being able to see your TMP profile.
  3. These roads shouldn't be very busy on a public server so we should be fine
  4. Whilst the main point is, Traffic control would only encourage more people to do it and get them banned for breaking the rules there is also another major factor. If you drive down the road, you know the consequences. It's the fact people only drive there because it's populated. You know you are entering a busy road and moderating it is very hard and can in the long run be a complete waste of time really.
  5. If Volvo had a tuning pack (which it should by now ) then it would be my favourite by far. But because it doesn't have a tuning pack Scania or Daf are my favourites because the Scania's are generally good looking along with the haulage power and Daf's are also good looking.
  6. Was a wonderful TMP convoy, well done to @Matt #CarLadMatt & @Digital for organising such a successful and big convoy tonight! 


    In the pictures below are: @Whitelodge , @M.J. , @EPS!LON , @Mike Dragon , @Racyen , @Numb3r2 , @[RLC] Elsassisch_Trucker , @Digital , @Matt #CarLadMatt , @bobi124 , @Adrian22-PL , @Spat91 , @Mr. Calvin & @~Ciprian-lonut~ (Idk why I cannot tag Ciprian ;/) Well done to all staff who worked hard tonight, you were all amazing! Thanks ofcourse to those of you who attended too, it wouldn't have been so great without you either obviously 😍


    I am parked at the back with the Breast Cancer Awareness Trailer, soz Mike if I don't have the paint pack you were using 😕




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    2. francesco_c


      nice pictures

    3. Emirhan kurt 29

      Emirhan kurt 29

      güzel bende vardım ama cıktım sonra 

    4. Elsassisch_Trucker [FR]

      Elsassisch_Trucker [FR]

      Nice pic, but you mentioned the wrong guy, I'm @[RLC] Elsassisch_Trucker:ph34r:

  7. Out of bounds is counted as somewhere you cannot access without getting there via a teleport method or similar, if you can drive off the edge of a mountain to get off the "official" map then you won't be punished for it. So there is no need to worry there, the staff team should understand promods has a lot of weird places built into it.
  8. Aek's Birthday Convoy 2019 Event Details: Date: 20th December 2019 Meetup Time: 7pm GMT Route 1 Start: 7:30pm GMT Route 2 Start: 10pm GMT Server: TBC Meetup Location/Route 1 Start Location: Turin/Torino - See images in discord for parking areas Route 2 Start Location: Erfurt, San Builders/eAcres Route 1 Map: Route 2 Map: Personal Information: Lots of you probably won't know who I am so let me tell you a little bit about myself here. I am currently residing in the UK, in the South West to be precise. I am currently in my second year of college studying 3 A Levels which are; Geography, History (Late Modern) and Graphic Design. These 3 are quite a contrast and don't really relate in anyway in what I want to do when I leave college. When I leave college I intend to go into a job with GWR (Great Western Railway), with intention to become a Train Driver. Unfortunately I can only do this when I'm 21, so need something in the same area to fill in the gap. In terms of TruckersMP, I have been a part of the staff team for well over a year now. I initially joined as just an Event Team member back on the 24th of June 2018, at the same time I had also applied for what was at the time Trial Game Moderator Observer, now known as Trainee. I was accepted into this role on the 4th of September 2018 and worked my way up to Game Moderator on the 21st of October. I wanted to do more for the staff team and was eventually promoted to Game Moderator Leader on the 17th of March 2019. I always strive to bring something to the project both internally within the staff team and externally from the staff team to players. I always love attending events to give my support to stop trolls and other people messing around to keep the event on track and running smoothly. I have seen in the past just how quickly events can go downhill when no staff are present and that's why when I can I will support events to ensure countless hours, days, months aren't wasted by users not complying to the rules. I really hope to see you attend this event on 2 new routes this year. Last year was a learning curve for my event ownership/management and this year should be more organised and better planned. Other Details: Event Discord: https://discord.gg/9TrMJHM ETS2c Link: https://ets2c.com/view/83370/aek177ss-turin-torino-transinet We are also recruiting Event Staff, currently in need of Convoy Control and Media Team! Please message @[AHL] Aek177 if you're interested on Discord Aek177#8877
  9. Had a nice drive with my VTC tonight! Here are some pics from our private drive. @AgentDaxon @Whitelodge @GybelsBavo @[AHL] Coolio85 @Raeker @Deniable @RJWhetton & knownscorpion



  10. Lovely drive with @3ventic , @WarMaz , @Noxii & @DerAmpelmann tonight. Only person not using the Renault T is me. Still my truck looks the best even though I don't have the camo skins pack that 3v had on his truck 😂😍



  11. Thanks for the drive earlier @courtz49 Here are some pictures before I had to leave 😍



    1. courtz49


      thanks for joining! ❤️ 

  12. [AHL] Aek177

    TMP Promods

    Looking forward to the UK, SCS have left it "neglected" for a long time now. Want to drive somewhere it's more detailed Iceland also looks good from experience so cannot wait to drive there with others.
  13. Today we have two new VTC Managers! Please congratulate @Raeker & @coolio859 on their new roles! Please also bare in mind these are the first people you should contact with anything VTC related.
  14. Was a nice drive tonight with @arusf2011 [PL/EN] , @HoggerSDG [Fabi] , @ThiagoBR_ , @3ventic and @EPS!LON (Credits to 3ventic and Epsilon for the pics) 😍




  15. Was great fun at the convoy tonight! Thanks to @Digital for organising it! Was also great to talk to @Schak Bruijn & @BL4CK$K1LL :wub:



    1. Banton


      nice photos

  16. Thanks for following me!

    1. DylanRees


      You're Welcome! :)

  17. Was an amazing event at the Real Operations last night! Many thanks goes out to @Digital for his amazing effort in getting it organised and to Forerunner and anyone else who helped make the mods with the cars etc, it looked amazing!


    Massive well done to all the TMP Staff who helped, I did a little at the very end but was limited due to other stuff I had during that day :(


    Here is a very short clip of one incident that I went through 


    @Newo & @[F-T M] FreZyFaiL being our people on duty here <3


    Cannot wait to see a Real Ops V8 as I am sure there will be something as amazing if not better!

  18. Hey guys! Don't forget we have now got our new VTC Page on the TMP Website! This can be found here! Don't also forget to read our news post about expanding into a Gaming Community! This can be found here! Hope you find these useful!
  19. Thanks for an amazing first year in the TruckersMP Team everyone! 1 Year Ago I started as Event Team and have managed to get to where I am today. I never thought I would get this far so, follow your dreams and goals and you never know, they may come true ^_^


    Hope you all have had a great start to the week and will see you around :wub:

    1. TFM DJ ccowie

      TFM DJ ccowie

      Congrats on 1 year, Aek! Keep it up!

    2. Banton


      Congratulations, hard work.:wub:

  20. Thanks to all those who came to the AHL Weekly convoy today!


    Here are some pictures taken by our very own @TheWilliamTW :wub:




    Hope to see you all again next Wednesday!

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      perfect photo:love:

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      The picture is very nice:tmp:

    4. Small fly

      Small fly

      The picture is very nice:love:

  21. Was fun at the Prime Convoy tonight! Thanks to @MattTM and his Staff at Prime for organising it. :wub:




    Picture above of Alpha Haulage Ltd's attendees.


    From left to Right it was @coolio859 @Raeker @RJWhetton @Whitelodge @[AHL] Aek177 and @TheWilliamTW


    Also @JDP_Army was there but not in this picture.


    Massive shoutout to William for the picture :wub:

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    2. Whitelodge


      Monsiuer Bibendums on the bonnet of the old Scania :D 

    3. Thurston


      It's a beautiful picture:wub:

    4. Raeker


      Lets just act like this didn't take half an hour to do because of my incompetence B)

  22. Been driving in promods this morning, took some pics of my truck :wub:



  23. To be brutally honest, you can all say Scania's are great and whatnot and I do agree to some extent. Its one of the best looking trucks and if you have the tuning pack it makes it look even better. But it has some very small fuel tanks once you move away from the 4x2 where most other trucks such as Volvo and Mercedes have bigger tanks. Overall I do like to use Volvo, if SCS also had a tuning pack for Volvo I would use it quite a lot more often But yeah it does depend what you want out of each truck as they all have some strengths and weaknesses.
  24. Ever since finding out about TMP, I have met loads of people and made great new friends. Since joining the TMP Staff team on the 24th of June 2018, I have learnt so many new skills that have helped me IRL aswell as within the team that has got me where I am now. I cannot be thankful enough towards this community and the people who contribute to it.
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