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  1. MCR Logistics VTC

    @MCR Owner - DJ Chicken You might wanna update this
  2. A new member in the Upper-Staff

    When I first started talking to you, you always came across someone who would undoubtedly reach a higher position. Massive congrats!
  3. Too much chrome on that truck m8. Good luck with the event as I will be on holiday at the time
  4. Don't forget today is the start of the TMP Summer Weekend on ETS2. I will be helping with the Convoy Control in the convoy so feel free to give me a toot as and when you see me :P

    1. LegendArrow3


      Hahaha Good Luck ^_^

  5. Have you ever seen CD this bad?

    One of the many reasons I don't really drive near the C-D anymore I have not seen it worse than that personally though.
  6. Thanks for follow! :D

  7. Best of luck with your company, hope its successful! Aek177 - Director of Alpha Haulage Ltd.
  8. Useless Traffic?

    The admin who replied with that has a fair point, some people intentionally drive that route just to record and get people punished for driving recklessly. Whilst getting them punished is a good thing, intentionally going through there just to record and get people banned is considered useless traffic as far as I can see.
  9. [SCS Blog] Operation Big Sur Starting!

    Looks great and I better get doing some jobs
  10. Since it is still a long time until it will be happening I am unsure whether I am able to attend. All I can say is best of luck with planning it etc and I hope I can attend when the event arrives
  11. Definitely looking forward to it, will see you all there hopefully
  12. Good luck, Aek177 :)

  13. History of ETS 2

    The game has definitely improved. There are more trucks and more DLC's constantly being developed and implemented which is definitely an improvement.
  14. Add a "cooldown" time to every account that has been deleted

    This is a fantastic idea and would really help prevent people from being able to avoid being banned and it would help the staff cus they can still deal with the person cus they cannot evade anymore. +1