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  1. Ikarus 250 is the best bus mod I have played in my playing experience , Slower acceleration and lower top speed (120-130 kmh) It might not be so relevant to “truck sim” but still be great if they are added too.
  2. The team is discouraging driving on CD road . But other than that road, it’s empty everywhere.  Where else I can drive along with traffic? 


    Honestly, i found this environment less enjoyable than in single player.

  3. 150 Km/h update is good or not?

    Trolls are still all around us, regardless of the limiter. And is worsened IMHO.
  4. I don’t understand why people would disagree having cars on truck sim roads. Does the real life trucking experience involves no cars at all? so now back to this question, I’d say yes. Add the escort cars from the special transport DLC. It’s my top wish here.
  5. Any expert know how to get through this corner, with a regular trailer, without any stretching or squeezing?


    1. LordBenji


      I wouldn't recommend that, as people might think it is out of bounds.

    2. Seiyu


      @LordBenjiSir, I ain’t addressing out of bound issue. And it is accessible directly. I thought I were meant to discuss driving skills.

  6. Please learn your priorities!

    There is no exact standard when we should yield to highway exits or at least I don't know which rule disallowed to do so - but always consider the effect of your every action won't be wrong. I would have give way to those who are exiting highway if I am slow enough and there are no traffic behind me. Hazard lights will be there if I stopped. In opposite, I would only pull out when the oncoming traffic of all lanes stopped there. Safety first. I wouldn't risk my life in real world to drive recklessly like that.
  7. Global speed limiter

    Empty roads all around the map is still a problem of unrealistic simulation. The pop cap is the issue. I would be happy to seeing this improvement in future.
  8. A great compliment to TruckersMP admin team.  The website report processing speed is a lot more efficient than ever.

    1. .weezy


      +1 my report got claimed within 2 mins B)

    2. Digital


      Thanks for sharing the kind words, the team always appreciate it. :)

  9. Do you report a player if he apologizes?

    Somehow we don’t need the police if a sorry could solve everything.
  10. Cast your vote for the /fix command

    I am worried about the poll results, but have no choice other than accept it. It is all black and white shown there. It will be very rare to see people to drive with high precautions just to avoid using /fix.
  11. We're sorry - And we ask your opinion on /fix

    Somehow I am quite surprised when the latest update says the fix command now does not repair the trailer. Though its fine anyway as long as the truck engine is free from malfunction, the gameplay will be a little bit affected from trolls ramming as I have nothing to deal with the rammed trailer afterwards. Nevertheless, the cooldown period deserves a longer duration . 10 minutes is quite short. Look forward to seeing how the poll goes.
  12. Reading some of the point against /fix, I can see a cooldown of at least an hour of real time would be helpful to reduce the /fix abuse for ramming / reckless driving. Your thoughts?
  13. In game leader board

    -1 This adds burden to the server for nothing much. Instead of the leaderboard I would prefer a higher player cap in a single server for service optimization.
  14. Rule Update

    The update is highly appreciated. I would be happier to see if trolling and intentional ramming behaviour will deserve a heavier punishment. Thank you!