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  1. A great compliment to TruckersMP admin team.  The website report processing speed is a lot more efficient than ever.

    1. .weezy


      +1 my report got claimed within 2 mins B)

    2. Digital


      Thanks for sharing the kind words, the team always appreciate it. :)

  2. Do you report a player if he apologizes?

    Somehow we don’t need the police if a sorry could solve everything.
  3. Cast your vote for the /fix command

    I am worried about the poll results, but have no choice other than accept it. It is all black and white shown there. It will be very rare to see people to drive with high precautions just to avoid using /fix.
  4. We're sorry - And we ask your opinion on /fix

    Somehow I am quite surprised when the latest update says the fix command now does not repair the trailer. Though its fine anyway as long as the truck engine is free from malfunction, the gameplay will be a little bit affected from trolls ramming as I have nothing to deal with the rammed trailer afterwards. Nevertheless, the cooldown period deserves a longer duration . 10 minutes is quite short. Look forward to seeing how the poll goes.
  5. Reading some of the point against /fix, I can see a cooldown of at least an hour of real time would be helpful to reduce the /fix abuse for ramming / reckless driving. Your thoughts?
  6. In game leader board

    -1 This adds burden to the server for nothing much. Instead of the leaderboard I would prefer a higher player cap in a single server for service optimization.
  7. Rule Update

    The update is highly appreciated. I would be happier to see if trolling and intentional ramming behaviour will deserve a heavier punishment. Thank you!
  8. Would You Rather

    Snow. My living place does not have it. Your face while driving looks like: A) OR b )
  9. Lets Save People At Game

    I wish everyone could overtake less. 80 kmh isnt that slow and safe to overtake.
  10. Banned for playing TruckersSP
  11. Your opinions on In-game Reports?

    ^^ True It is so frustrating to say the in-game reporting system hardly works. We have to put effort on a cam, clip editing and uploading to youtube or something to report those reckless drivers on website. I can understand the workload behind for the game admins but I wish this we could have this system well-utilized for more efficient behavioral control. I refuse to rec when I started trucking MP. But I am forced to do so when the trolls intentionally rammed me and insulted me because of driving slow. I have had hard time to vent my frustration, got no other choice because no other action can be done to get them banned under the current reporting system and the effectiveness of in-game reports. Saying the REC tag or words... Half of them are driving crazy on the road, and could cause trouble to the same extent as a reckless kid .