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  1. Лучший модер игры, очень хорошее отношение к простым игрокам быстрый ответ, быстро помог решить вопрос(не хочу писать подробности) 
    Просто спасибо большое ) 

    1. henzsa


      Hello [RS]NXisecreem, 


      I highly appreciate you saying that!


      Kind regards


  2. Congrats! Good luck in your new role and your new career in TMP.

  3. Gratuluju <3

    1. henzsa


      Moc díky! :) Taky ti přeji hodně štěstí s tvým cílem ;)

  4. Congratulations, dude

    1. henzsa


      Much appreciated ;) 

  5. Congratulations mate <3

    1. henzsa


      Appreciate it! ;) 

  6. Congratulations!

    1. henzsa


      Thank you! 

  7. If it comes to a radio, then it would be Evropa 2 (Czech radio) or I just listen to my own songs
  8. henzsa

    Saying Hello!

    Welcome to the TruckersMP community For now, (as said already) there aren't any AI cars or traffic, but I've heared some rumors about something being developed as you can read here : I hope that you'll enjoy your time here with us!
  9. Congrats

  10. Congrats :love:

  11. Congratulations!

  12. If I were TruckersMP Rules, I'd enforce myself. Policeman in Calais
  13. Back here, on the other side now
  14. Congratulations! :)

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