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  1. Good Morning Community ;) Have a great friday

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    2. [VIVA] Aborjin

      [VIVA] Aborjin

      Ich danke dir sehr! Habt auch euch einen schönen Freitag! :wub:

    3. knight^


      Good afternoon.thank you  and you too

    4. Der Joey

      Der Joey

      Hey, Chris thank you too 🥂

  2. Sorry for the delay guys, but the weather was too nice to take a look here :O 


    Again thanks to you all who were thinking about me on my birthday <3 Was a very great day!

    1. Killua  // Ireland ^_^

      Killua // Ireland ^_^

      I'm a bit late, Happy Birthday :)

    2. Der Joey

      Der Joey

      No Problem buddy <3

    3. Chris I Camox
  3. What a nice trip  :wub: 


    @[GlobEx] Numb3r2



    1. Numb3r2


      nice picture admeeen.. :D

    2. Chris2306 [GER]
  4. Hallo

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    2. Chris I Camox

      Chris I Camox

      Privatleben? Hö? What's that? xD

    3. JB2783


      @Chris I Camox du weißt genau was ein Privatleben ist wenn nicht würde es dir am liebsten jetzt gerade schreiben aber ich glaube das würde hier nicht gut rüberkommen :lol: aber du kannst es dir vielleicht schon denken xD

    4. Chris I Camox
  5. Happy Birthday :P 

  6. OMG SO MUCH CONGRATS <3 :wub:

    1. [VIVA] ismail [TR]

      [VIVA] ismail [TR]

      Thank you so very much my german boyfriend :wub:

    2. Chris I Camox
  7. Congrats colleague :P

    1. Haulvoc


      Thank you, colleague :)

  8. Thanks for have done a great job! Your work was very awesome <3 

  9. Congrats to your promotion ;)

    Do your best ;) 

  10. Noooo @izm07 :( Good luck for all the things you must to do <3 

    Little Popo boy :wub:

    1. i z m

      i z m

      Thanks Chris. Stay safe on the streets! ;) 

    2. Chris I Camox

      Chris I Camox

      I miss you now :( 

    3. i z m

      i z m

      :( Soon or later, we will meet again.

  11. Hey ;)


    So lets go for a little ingame session :D 

    1. [EG-I] Michi [GER]
    2. Kehox


      ( mayby ill see you again at a gas station :P )

    3. Chris I Camox
  12. I want to say thank you for all birthday wishes you gave me <3 Was a very great feeling - and a big sry that I only had time to answer today :o But again thank you :))

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    2. Chris I Camox

      Chris I Camox

      No problem @[VIVA] Carmella :D thank you :))

    3. Simulator Experiencer

      Simulator Experiencer

      someone ate my cake! :(  @Chris | Camox i hope u had a  fantastic birthday party :wub: 

    4. Ashlyn
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