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  1. What is this truck thing on my profile?

    Best answer given. Closed and moved to solved.
  2. Multiplayer Launcher

    Yeah, I'm with u @Rootyyy When you see the changes in the last years, you can see the masterful engagement in that mod
  3. Oh welcome back mate :) 

  4. Hello again community :P

  5. which DLC for MP

    Italy is my biggest favourite at the moment! Because its just awesome The whole landscape is pretty cool! But the other maps are also nice So you must buy all DLCs ^^
  6. Heyho People :P 

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    2. oolala11


      You're alive :o 

    3. Chris | Camox

      Chris | Camox

      YES :D - hopefully with better internet soon.. ^^

    4. Bonnm
  7. Hey TruckersMP ;)

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    2. Cytanes


      Chris | Camox wurde wegen Inaktivität vom Supportteam gekickt :P:troll:

    3. Chris | Camox

      Chris | Camox

      :D Dafür war ich dann wohl noch zu aktiv haha

    4. Cytanes
  8. Good Night and thanks to all congratulations!


    1. Anriandor


      I hope it isn't too late :P

      CongratZZZZ!! :D

    2. Chris | Camox

      Chris | Camox

      No no :D thank u :)

    • Happy Bırthday!:tmp: