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  1. To my understanding, as long as it doesn't affect other users in terms of lag, this should be perfectly fine! In my opinion, that shouldn't affect anyone. Hope that helps, @Redux GB!
  2. You should put this in the 'Add On Suggestions' section here.
  3. Happy Birthday Eyrk/RootKiller - hope you have a good one!

  4. Oh yeah - doh! Thanks @ZolaKluke - appreciated!
  5. @ZolaKlukeI tried all of that and every time I go to do it. The launcher just reinstalls the System files again...
  6. I followed this - but it doesn't work... @Digital
  7. Hello & welcome to the forums - enjoy your stay. 


    Make sure to check out the Forum Rules @ https://truckersmp.com/rules!




  8. I swear I had just over 230 Community Rep points :thinking:


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    2. xTH3xMoDsZx


      I'm glad I'm not the only one, thanks guys! :D

    3. ScaniaFan89


      Whats with you guys & stealing yorks catchphrases 

    4. xTH3xMoDsZx


      Never got those points back :lol::(

  9. The best update that SCS has made by far! Thank you @mwl4 and the all the Development Team to have made this possible for MP!
  10. Got 'zero' when the 1.32 update just came out for TMP! XD


  11. If it makes it more efficient for you guys, the better!
  12. TruckersMP *NEW* fidget spinner! :lol:



    1. Olioak


      Hahaha, I want oneee :troll:

  13. Noticed this community doesn't like change. Even if it's for the greater good for the community to show more value to it's legacy members.


  14. Lets hope the feedback will shape the future for TruckersMP and make it a better place for everyone in the community.
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