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  1. I put down ETS2/ATS for the summer to focus on life and other things and man has the game experience I've came back to felt so real...in a bad way. I'm fine with MP becoming more "realistic" and "simulated" but knowing that in the beginning of TMP there was no max cap on speed or if there was it was 150kph. Then, we had the external loads come into play that had you go 90kph max. Now personally, if someone willingly chooses to go 90kph thats fine, but i want to go 140kph and get my loads done. But now, I have come back to another speed limiter of 110kph even if i disable the speed limited in game. To be honest, the game that i put down in June does not feel the same as the one i pick up in August. The game i've come to know and love felt free and i got to experience the world at my pace. Now it feels like i'm forced into going slower. If people want to drive like a real trucker on a server, thats fine just as long as the people like me have a place to go as fast as we want (within reason of course). Overall, i don't see a purpose of a speed limiter on ATS servers at all, especially as the player count on these servers are low compared to ETS2. Also, I've never been hindered by anyone and i liked the 150kph cap on ETS2. TL,DR: Don't lower the speed limiter, keep it 150kph on ATS/ETS2. If people want simulation, make two identical servers, one with the limiter for simulation and another without a limiter for those of us who like to travel fast.
  2. So far, this event has been really fun for me. As stated by many others, the traffic, oh boy the traffic. Lucky for me, I usually get on when others are offline so traffic isnt always a problem for me. However, I did sit in the massive traffic clot that is Paris 10 times. Yes, I completed the first part of the event solely in Paris. Unlike the herds of sheep taking the short, traffic congested path, I looked ahead and planned to use the "back door" into Paris (Southern entrance and drive by IKEA to FTE). I usually planned routes to take that offered me the right of way more often than not. Even if the route went around the city and down country lanes....like in Ancona. I used the country road that connects to the roundabout just off the expressway. Overall, since I have done all 10, every three days i take a load to the next destination. Although the rewards aren't fancy, I still like the fun....plus its fun to drive by the herds of sheep delivering trucks. As said, I like to look at good routes into a city, this next city though, (Brussels) oh boy its going to be a madhouse. I wish everyone good luck and safe travels for Brussels and of course, the rest of the destinations! Happy travels!
  3. https://imgur.com/3dRZhEl https://imgur.com/NPfEn45
  4. 2nd place for the first try is amazing Congrats to @iHobbit and @Mirko9 I FME
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