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  1. D_D_181

    Hot topic #16: One truck family event

    So far, this event has been really fun for me. As stated by many others, the traffic, oh boy the traffic. Lucky for me, I usually get on when others are offline so traffic isnt always a problem for me. However, I did sit in the massive traffic clot that is Paris 10 times. Yes, I completed the first part of the event solely in Paris. Unlike the herds of sheep taking the short, traffic congested path, I looked ahead and planned to use the "back door" into Paris (Southern entrance and drive by IKEA to FTE). I usually planned routes to take that offered me the right of way more often than not. Even if the route went around the city and down country lanes....like in Ancona. I used the country road that connects to the roundabout just off the expressway. Overall, since I have done all 10, every three days i take a load to the next destination. Although the rewards aren't fancy, I still like the fun....plus its fun to drive by the herds of sheep delivering trucks. As said, I like to look at good routes into a city, this next city though, (Brussels) oh boy its going to be a madhouse. I wish everyone good luck and safe travels for Brussels and of course, the rest of the destinations! Happy travels!
  2. D_D_181

    Picture of the Month: November

    https://imgur.com/3dRZhEl https://imgur.com/NPfEn45
  3. D_D_181

    Picture of the Month: October (Winners)

    2nd place for the first try is amazing Congrats to @iHobbit and @Mirko9 I FME