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    Mixed double trailers

    Dear @Briian19 More that half trailers are allowed, but you need to know, that not all. Be careful if you're going to take new trailer and you are not sure, trailer is allowed. You can read topics, which I gave you below or create a topic in Help and ask about whatever you want. Also you can ask about allowed trailers. In my opinion, the best option will be using default trailers. Perhaps they are not looking very good, but they are not bad. If you do not want to be banned or you're not sure, that trailer is allowed, use default trailers. Forerunner has created topics in Guides about mods. You can read them below: Kind Regards JJay
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    Gratuluję Kozik. Witamy ponownie. Wszystkiego dobrego ^_^

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    Ban system

    Dear @McLaren2876 Your topic has been created in wrong section. I'm forced to move topic to Help. // Moved to Help
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    RMD trailers all over in ATS

    Dear @CARebel If you want to make a suggestion about any topic, you need to properly fill in the format that belongs to the suggestion section and then you can share your suggestion with the community. Please fill in the format that I will show you below and give the necessary answers with all the details because let us better understand our attitude towards your suggestion. Perhaps if you want to ask for something, do not hesitate and create topic in Help. Please follow the format suggestion. If you do not change it for 3 days, I will be forced to reject it. Suggestion Format: Suggestion Name: Suggestion Description: Any example images: Why should it be added?: Please comply with this format in the shortest time otherwise your suggestion will be rejected. Also you can look at this topic: Kind Regards JJay
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    Witam @|WATAHA| ѕεωεκ Twój post był nieaktywny przez miesiąc. W związku z tym zmuszony jestem przenieść wątek do Archiwum firm. Jeśli będziesz miał jakiekolwiek pytania śmiało pisz do mnie na Discord (JJay#5045), bądź w prywatnej wiadomości na forum. // Przenoszę do Archiwum Firm
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    Not allowed anymore?

    Dear @ThePredatorFromDenmark Below topics should help you and give some useful informations. // Moved to Help
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    Fatal Error

    Dear @FenixGamer64 Try to: If you get this error you could try the below guide also make sure you have the latest .Net Framework (4.7) or later, DirectX and Microsoft Visual C++ 2015. Verify your game files General Crashes and errors that you may experience with the launcher or the game try CCleaner to remove temporary files and obsolete registry paths. Kind Regards JJay
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    Dear @Napster138 If you already have World of Truck account all what you need is log in World of Truck. How can I do it? Solution it's simple, look at the link below. It should help you. https://www.squirrel.tv/forums/index.php?topic=420.0 If your jobs are not being logged into your WoT profile, it must be because you are not doing WoT jobs. When you go to the Jobs Market, you have 4 options right now: 1 - Quick Job. 2 - Freight Market. 3 - Cargo Market. 4 - External Contracts. The only ones that "count" for World of Trucks are the external contracts. Kind Regards JJay
  9. Powodzenia i wszystkiego dobrego na konwoju
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    Server EU 4

    // Moved to Help
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    Skin camion

    // Moved to French Discussion
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    Evidence added to existing ban?

    // Moved to Help.
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    Dear @Silvestre0904 You have created topic in wrong section. I'm forced to move topic to Help section. Below topics should help you: Kind Regards JJay // Moved to Help
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    When EU4 server comes back up, remove the speed limiter

    Dear @dragonslayingmaster1000 Unfortunately today I am going to have to reject your suggestion as it is something that has been suggested many times in the past. Suggestion has been already suggested and has been opened to discussion. Kind Regards JJay Rejected
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    Podanie CV

  16. Wszystkiego Najlepszego! ^_^

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    People Who I Follow

    Dear @Naiki It's simple. Open Manage Followed Content and on the left side you've got bookmark named Members. Kind Regards JJay
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    Nie mogę wejść

    Witam @Bitek123YT (PL) Wydaje mi się, że twój problem nie jest trudny w rozwiązaniu. Czy podczas uruchamiania Launchera pojawia się jakiś komunikat? Jeśli po uruchomieniu i kliknięciu na Launch ETS pojawia się komunikat, proszę podeślij nam jego zdjęcia. Dzięki temu będziemy wiedzieli jak Ci pomóc. Wydaje mi się, że poniższe wątki powinny pomóc: Pozdrawiam JJay
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    More cars

    Dear @Lninja19 Unfortunately today I am going to have to reject your suggestion as it is something that has been suggested many times in the past. Suggestion has been already suggested In addition: You have not followed the suggestion format. Also: Kind Regards JJay Rejected
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    [FR] pour des soirees de rire (+18)

    // Moved to French Discussion
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    Additional customization

    Dear @[ RO ] EdiEduard16YT Your topic has been created in wrong section. I’m forced to move topic to Help. Also you can read below topics. Kind Regards JJay // Moved to Help
  22. Dzięki za followa ^_^