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  1. New port Germany 1.32

    It can be a new port for Baltic DLC indeed. They said that there will be a port to that DLC from Germany for people who don't own the Scandinavian DLC. But it looks realy nice so far. Can't wait for the 1.32 and Baltic DLC!
  2. On Which road do you drive often?

    For the fun C-D route, Mostly 1 time a week. But i'm drive almost through the whole map (Including the DLC packs) Because my mission is to mark all the roads yellow Which is not possible when you always drive the same routes.
  3. Most accident causers on C-D are the scouts?!

    As many people already said. The car or truck is not the problem but the driver is the problem. I Drive sometimes the C-D route just for fun, than with a truck, then with a car. But if you drive normaly and don't speed with the car it is easy to control for me. But the most crashes are come to people who like to troll, overtake and such. From all my reports there are more trucks who i report for than cars. But everyone hate the car because they think they can drive.
  4. Suggestions for creating a constraint

    Speedlimit make nothing better on the C-D road. As other people already said, when the limit is for example 80 km/h and i drive at that moment 75km/h they will overtake me with 5km/h faster with all effects. You will an oncoming car/truck at that time because it is busy, so everything crashes. The only solution to me is to increase the 2 hours you need before you can use TruckersMP. This means that all trolls come less quickly.
  5. Share Your Desktop

    It looks clean for me! And it looks weird if i see it on this way because you don't see the screen edge on a screenshot
  6. How to enable 2fa for your account

    A nice Feature, Only sad that it don't work on the TMP client itself. Because if your password will leaked for some reason they can abuse your account on the client with all the consequences for me as account owner.
  7. How many reports you guys have on the website?

    58 reports, And almost only people who crashes in me (Reckless driving) or wrong way driving. But i'm not done with my reports and will go on with making reports.
  8. A little Guide for Beginners About Oversize Loads

    Very nice and clear guide, I'm not really a beginner but there were even useful tips for me! Specaily the part of oncoming traffic in a intersections.
  9. More news about ATS and ETS2 future!

    For me 1.32 is by far the most beautiful update. I really can not wait until 1.32 comes out! So it will be also on TMP after release.
  10. ATS or ETS ? What do you perfer ? :)

    ETS2, because i don't like the American trucks with the large nose. But it is maby also because i'm a European
  11. Why is ATS not as popular as ETS2?

    I have ETS2 and ATS, but i don't like the American trucks with the large nose as Europian. So i play amost only ETS2. The C-D Road is for me not the reason.
  12. I think it should be added to the flag DLC, it is a more common thing, you find it nowday almost everywhere for example in emoij packs.
  13. Setup?

    Desktop PC, Specs: - MSI X99A GODLIKE GAMING CARBON - Intel Core i7 6850K - MSI Nvidia Geforce GTX1070 8G - 32GB DDR4 ram memory - SSD M.2 500GB (For Windows and main programms) - SSD 500GB (For games and other programms) - 3TB HDD (For storage like documents) - 3TB External HDD (For backups) ---- - 2x 22" iiyama Prolite monitor - Logitech G19s (Keyboard) - Logitech G502 (Mouse) - Logitech Z906 (7.1 seround set) - Logitech G933 (Heatset) - Logitech G27 (Wheel) And yes i'm a Logitech fan and yes i love it!
  14. do you find that the person abuses with word 'rec' ?

    i typ only "rec (0000)" or "rep 0000" When i'm 100% sure that it violates the rules or rams me But it to scare some one is maby a bit to far to use. I think the player who typ that has no recording on
  15. What do you use to record gameplay?

    Combination of OBS and Nivdia Experience Shadowplay. It sounds weird anyway