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  1. [NL] CooleChriz

    Relaunch of the Translation Team.

    Good choice, Maby people will understand everything better if it is in it own language.
  2. [NL] CooleChriz

    Trailer Mod Web Generator

    I do not use this tool, but to help the Dutch people who will use it i'm doing in my best in my free time to helping translate it to Dutch!
  3. [NL] CooleChriz

    Courtesy on the Road - Rules for Everyday

    I think it is good to post, but from the other side, A large base of the players are as called above are kids and are not even active on the forum. They think that drive a "cool" thing is with all the consequences they give. Also the things from Miyuka are good, but by 9 i miss some tags
  4. [NL] CooleChriz

    Share Your Desktop

    Wauw that looks very good!!! I will also animated backgrounds because it looks nice, but I can not make it so i have to search it on the web But have not yet started with it
  5. [NL] CooleChriz

    Western Digital SSDs

    I use a Samsung SSD and Sansumg SSD M.2 as well for about 5 year and it works good for all that time. WD is a good brand and heve experience with almost all the HDD drives but have no experiencewith the SSD line.
  6. [NL] CooleChriz

    Where are you guys from?

    In the sunny south the most beautiful place of The Netherlands, Brabant!
  7. [NL] CooleChriz

    Hot topic #3: Oregon and Baltic DLC

    I think both will be released on 5 Dec this year, If you go out of the previous release dates.
  8. [NL] CooleChriz

    Hot topic #3: Oregon and Baltic DLC

    I'm waiting on the Baltic DLC and will buy it direct if it comes out. And Oregon DLC is mwhe, I don't like to play ATS so i think i will buy it in sale but more for supporting SCS for the good content they make. And about that there are a few people, Yes that is always, but from the other side, I like it on that way you have the time to view everyting without having to watch the traffic too much!
  9. [NL] CooleChriz

    How did you get here?

    Like everyone else here: Watching YouTube game play videos about Euro Truck Simulator 2 (Because i would love to see the game before buy). And later on i saw videos about TMP and so i'm now here!
  10. [NL] CooleChriz

    [SCS Blog] Baltic Landmarks

    Nice to see the progress of the new DLC, Can't wait until the release of this DLC. I will buy it straight away after release!
  11. Hello everyone, Nothing to see here but i would say only hello!

    1. [ETS2MCG] Kien Giang

      [ETS2MCG] Kien Giang

      hello and have a nice weekend :) 

  12. [NL] CooleChriz

    Sliding Pedals

    The G29/G290 have rubbers on it, when there is no of little dust on the floor and also the rubbers are clean it is not sliding for me. Also there is a anti -sliper for carpet under it what Kubuntu said. But for us it is usefull to know what kind of wheel you have so we can give you better answer!
  13. [NL] CooleChriz

    Removing the Translation Team

    I think the translate team will not come back, main reason is that amost every staff member helps with translate if it is needed, That is what they told to me.
  14. [NL] CooleChriz

    ai traffic speeding

    I think AI traffic may a bit more aggresive, but a option what is suggested by the person above me is also a nice idea to give everyone a option to what they want.
  15. [NL] CooleChriz

    Truck or car?

    First at all there is already said, It is a Truck simulator game. I also choose standard for a truck, a car only with a caravan and for fun only because a car is not stable at the moment.