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  1. Hello ! Maybe this happens to you because you choosed dark colors that you can't see metllic paint job well. Try it on other colors first. If it still continue , than there will be problem in public beta. Be patient and wait them to fix it.
  2. Hi ! Thats kind of a connection problem between you and server. Server didn't recieved that your engine starts again and your headlights open. It won't be again (i can't promise that btw) , but try to /fix command when your truck get damage. Thanks.
  3. @DJ Jefferz Thanks for showing us how to solve this.
  4. HKYL

    Invisible object

    There must be an object that blocks you , so get in single player. You can see what is blocking you in singleplayer. Some of these object can't get loaded sometimes. Hope to fix it.
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