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  1. Uued mänguarendaja poolt välja lastavad versioonid kipuvad olema küllaltki mahukad ja muudavad nii mõndagi seega nende n.ö kaasajastamine uue versiooniga võtab seetõttu aega. Lisaks selle tuleb siin mängu ka see, et siin on kõik vabatahtlikud ja ajavad asja omast ajast, see käib ka arendajate kohta, mis omakorda pikendab neid perioode, mil ollakse erinevatel versioonidel. Kannatlikkus on voorus.
  2. What happens in TMP6 Freeroam stays in Freeroam. :tmp:


    1. Hurricane.


      LMAO! Great shot :) 

    2. Herr Müller [GER]
  3. In no particular order or genre from the top of my head; The Godfather 1 - 3 John Wick 1 - 3 Oceans 11 - 13 Jason Bourne (first 3) Shutter Island Wolf of The Wall Street The Gentlemen American Gangster World War Z Cloverfield (especially 1st one) The Green Mile Forrest Gump Cast Away The Revenant A Quiet Place Training Day The Martian Interstellar Man On Fire Gladiator The Perfect Storm War of the Worlds
  4. I appreciate the follows & the overall warm welcome. Appreciate it! ❤️

  5. I'll probably get a few additional DLCs in the next Steam sale.
  6. Happy birthday, have a memorable one! ;)

    1. Linciano


      Thank you! :D

  7. RDR2 on it's way to PC. Anyone else excited by that?

  8. Võõrkeelte foorumites tehti suuremat sorti puhastus mõnda aega tagasi aga ega eestlaste foorumis niikuinii suurt midagi polnud.
  9. Looking good as always. In case you're curious about real life looks; I'm not entirely 100 per cent about this one but this border crossing is roughly 95 kilometers away from the one seen above and is the Russian side of the crossing which looks similar to another photo in the post (even the satellite dish is there);
  10. Glad to see the Mighty Griffin update in works, certainly excited for this! The work in progress does resemble the 8x4 chassis quite a bit.
  11. A great mind & man has left for an eternal journey into the space & beyond. Rest in peace Stephen Hawking!

  12. It's an idea worth implementing although I probably wouldn't have it at the top of the list. It's been a while since I've come across an specialist in a Škoda pulling a trailer and those who end up doing that also end up being dealt with rather quickly (at least what I've seen). But in the end, having it automated (with warning messages/kick) would still be better and lessen the work load of staff. Win-win situation.
  13. Looks suspiciously like the Baltic & Kaliningrad region judging by the nature and buildings. Also can't help to shake the feeling that the picture with the cars parked by the sea and the long stretch of road is a road I've actually driven on in real life. Or it could just be me. Either way, can't wait for this!
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