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  1. The 13th Event of the China TruckersmpCHN 中国卡车联盟第13次事件 中国卡车联盟第13次大型联运活动于8月10日14:00UTC(北京时间22:00)结束,本次活动的结果远远超出了我们之前的计划。参与的18个车队人数多达200人次,终点集合人次达270人次,服务器最高状态下人数突破460人次(及部分散人玩家),利用率高达95%,这个结果令我们非常兴奋,这充分肯定了我们的组织能力和团结协作能力是非常强大的! 本次活动的18个车队分别为(排名不分先后):GTR 晨曦 散人集团 RK 天宇 龙魂 天命 斯堪尼亚 振兴 启航者 初心 领峰 COS 顶峰 烽火 卡友地带 VOC ATS,以及TMP的部分管理:LASSE DIGITAL [RLC] ELSASSISCH_TRUCKER SPEEDY_TMP XXB3ASTXX_TMP Soul Knight Digital , 我们由衷感谢参与者对我们的信任,感谢TMP管理的参加与支持!(本次活动得到管理们的极大肯定.) 让大家不仅要玩的开心,而且是有秩序的玩的开心,这是我们组织类似活动的初衷。从最初几支车队参与,到现在的18支车队参与;由原来的几十人到目前的两百于人次,这更使得我们坚信:组织类似的活动是有意义的。随着参与者的增加,我们会考虑为活动增加一些新的方式,让大家从另一种角度对ETS2有新的认识,敬请期待! 据悉,我们拟定于9月14日的第14次活动事件服务器已经得到批准,望大家踊跃报名参与,让我们再次扬帆起航,加油! Translation: The 13th China Truck Federation's large-scale intermodal transport activity ended at 14:00 UTC on August 10 (22:00 Beijing time). The results of this activity far exceeded our previous plans. The number of participants in 18 convoys is up to 200, the number of gatherers at the end of the convoy is up to 270, the number of people in the highest state of the server exceeds 460 (and some scattered players) and the utilization rate is up to 95%. This result makes us very excited, which fully affirms that our organizational ability and the ability of solidarity and cooperation are very strong! The 18 teams in this event are (ranked in no order):GTR 晨曦 散人集团 RK 天宇 龙魂 天命 斯堪尼亚 振兴 启航者 初心 领峰 COS 顶峰 烽火 卡友地带 VOC ATS,And part of TMP management:LASSE DIGITAL [RLC] ELSASSISCH_TRUCKER SPEEDY_TMP XXB3ASTXX_TMP Soul Knight Digital .We sincerely thank the participants for their trust in US and the participation and support of TMP management. (This activity has been greatly affirmed by managers.) Let us not only have fun, but also have fun in an orderly way, which is our original intention of organizing similar activities. From the first few teams to the present 18 teams, from the original dozens of people to the current 200 people, this makes us firmly believe that it is meaningful to organize similar activities. With the increase of participants, we will consider adding some new ways for the activities, so that you can have a new understanding of ETS2 from another angle, please look forward to it! It is learnt that our 14th event server, scheduled for September 14, has been approved. We hope you will sign up to participate. Let's set sail again and refuel!
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