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  1. I am very happy to be on the Mittal team [Arab Transport VTC]

  2. I do not think the idea of waiting 470 seconds is a good idea of my job, either to go back to fix it or to finish it completely for 470 seconds. I'll take it to the repair site and fix the truck and continue to where I was going.
    What would you do if you lost 470 seconds?

    1. [ATVTC] Bouzbita_TTV

      [ATVTC] Bouzbita_TTV

      im agree with you bro 


    • I have a question when will the ice be online
  4. J'ai un problème avec Mod Online en disant ma version s et la version du jeu Quelle est la solution que je n'ai pas contestée?


    1. [ATVTC]Bouzgandl_TTV


      Aide possible dès que possible

  5. Hello my friends when will the snow in the server

  6. Hello my friends have a problem DLC scania s new in not working in the new truck please solve the problem

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