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  1. @Thiago_TMP @VCouto that incredible end of day 😍


  2. Unbelievable GCEE convoy today Congratulations to all of us who were responsible for this incredible convoy 😍


  3. congratulations the team TruckersMP for job fantastic
  4. I also think that the Skoda sound and the horn could be improved a little bit as it is a very high-pitched horn that even hurts the ears
  5. For a trip to be goob you cannot miss a beautiful view 😍


  6. I like to switch between the cameras so that I can see the two views even more when I'm recording
  7. Suggestion Name: possession over the VTC Suggestion Description: put a system in order to give possession of the VTC to another member of the VTC without having to excuide it as it has within the Discord Any example images: Why should it be added? many times it can happen that the members create the VTC on the site for the simple reason that the founder of the VTC did not have knowledge about this area yet only that the members may happen to leave the company and the VTC be excluded because he entered another one so as not to be lost work the member could pass possession over the VTC to the actual founder of the company
  8. Congratulations and may each day be better for you 😍

  9. Woman didn't want to play me to take picture in my car and took it hidden 😁


  10. Não tenho a DLC mais até onde eu poder ir irei vejo vocês lá
  11. Volx Gamer

    Infinite truckers

    this is a project that I believe I only made commercial because I still believe it will not go ahead and beat truckersmp I think it is far from it
  12. that amazing trip that can't miss in our American  :tmp::wow:




  13. convoy ball show with the company :mlg_doge:



    and our scolt doing that amazing segurity :car::wesmart:



  14. amazing event unfortunately I couldn't participate but who knows next time
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