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  1. this is a very interesting point that I haven't seen yet. The guys play more ETS because of the vehicles that are more popular and beautiful.
  2. I agree with you that playing alone is boring, ATS could be more crowded and you playing at ATS agree with me that ATS is more simulator than ETS?
  3. yes exactly the ATS does not have many players but this is because when it is empty nobody gets excited to fill
  4. Speak the game you play the most and put the reason not ahead then say why you did not choose the other Example: I play ETS more because there are more people to play and it is always full, I didn't choose ATS because there are very few people paying on it and it only gets full when there is an event. debate and place your bets, is it going to be a fight?
  5. I am very excited to attend this event I am very looking forward
  6. Desafortunadamente tenemos un controlador, así que en el modo multijugador lo triste es que hay personas que lo hacen a propósito si no saben cómo simular el juego, en mi opinión, ni siquiera podrián haber gastado dinero en el juego, y estropear toda nuestra diversión.
  7. when l joined the truckers MP horn for everybody , l have this custom to this day
  8. muito show acredito que possa ser usados mais depende de cada empresa neh mais gostei pra caramba da ideia parabéns
  9. o mod de neve só funcionava no natal agora está desativado não funciona mais
  10. caminhões muito bonito mano ai sim e gostei muito da GCEE meus parabéns a vocês que cuidam dela
  11. ontem fizemos um comboio top dia especial 7 de setembro Independência aqui no Brasil nos fizemos um comboio e você o que fez no dia da Independência? VIVA A INDEPENDÊNCIA #2019
  12. yesterday we made a very top train for a special day September 7th here in Brazil





  13. lt depends on the simuation but we both have to be aware so much that we are being overtaken as who is going over we all have to be aware of what we do
  14. It's only worth taking all map DLCs as they are extremely essences
  15. I played for a long time in automatic transmission after a while I am much preferring manual
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