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  1. You need to record these and report on https://www.truckersmp.com/reports Ingame moderatores are too working on ingame reports. As far you didnt see
  2. Its an update of the TruckersMP system, by the moment is restricted to see amso you can see the date whuch will be unbanned
  3. I use / as control, its not usefull as it removes 1 control from the game, pressing y and / takes no time
  4. All my reports come with Google Durable Links, so i can reupload to youtube without needle of change URL in TruckersMP System Ill do that, thank you @Mirrland Have a nice day! Regards,
  5. ETS2 is not optimiced for "ultra graphics" take reflections to low, solved.
  6. Are ETS2MP process using the same thread than ETS2?, i know ETS2 is one-core game, but ETS2MP is using the same core or other? I know ETS2 is using this core, but ETS2MP uses the same for internal functions? Short question, are ETS2MP internal client multithread or single?
  7. Be welcome to forum at first step. You need to copy old savegame files from your last computer from "Documents" folder, there two folders to copy, "ETS2MP" and "Euro Truck Simulator 2" This 2 folders contains all data you has been used for ETS2 and ETS2MP, including trucks, garages, chats, logs, tag for your ETS2MP and configurations you made. When you copy to an USB or hard drive this folders, you need to put it to your Documents in your new PC, and you will be able to play again with your savegame and ETS2MP data you had I recommend to back
  8. 1. As specified in rules, overtaking as well is not bannable (ovbiusly, so, one person at 55 Kmh can make an extreme traffic jam), bannable overtake (theres no offence as u specified in title) is only when result in accident or unsafe, for example need to take out of road to let them no impact, or anything else 2. Depends of the situation, but in general is ITS COMPLETE safe to overtake, like a "innactive jam" i call it, its ok to overtake to evade extend jam kilometers 3. Overtake on grass is forbidden every time, no excuses, its reckless driving due to nature of the g
  9. Im using currently Google Drive to host records, so, theres a moment i cannot upload new content without delete previous records, im forced to use youtube to preserv all of them? theres no problem for me Its recommended use YouTube instead then?
  10. i've some videos uploaded thats currently used in permanent reports, ""rules"" say i must hold video for full duration of the ban PLUS 1 MONTH, so, how many time is "forever"?, as far i can hold?
  11. Peeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeerfect. Playing right now! simplest dont get accidents +1
  12. Thanks for your answer and solution, finally i found logs, (in the past i was sawing inside Euro Truck Simulator 2 folders and Steam folders)
  13. Title says all, i do pinfo but im so rest to copy from screen to notepad, i was searching but none found
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