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  1. Thanks for the follow!

  2. Já se preparando para o Natal.      Already getting ready for christmas. 1076867269_WhatsAppImage2018-11-26at01_07_21.thumb.jpeg.59077c660a7e52c3371f1ea1447175f3.jpeg

  3. Cleiton Cirino de Assis


    You have to put the ID of the player, when you type / pinfo appears the Id TruckersMP, you must put next to his report of report and a link of a video that proves that he did something wrong.
  4. happy birthday :) very years of life

  5. Cleiton Cirino de Assis


    The DLC of Italy Breathable mountain ranges that test the player's ability, especially if he has heavy loads.
  6. Cleiton Cirino de Assis

    MP FoV

    could explain a little more how you want to put the TAG?
  7. Cleiton Cirino de Assis

    troquei minha conta steam

    Se você criou uma nova conta no Steam e está compartilhando os jogos da conta antiga com o novo Steam, não há como jogar no modo online. E se não há os jogos comprados na nova conta a steam ou ativados através de um serial não tera como jogar online com esta conta.
  8. Cleiton Cirino de Assis

    not connecting to truckersmp and the stop lights are not changing

    hello, one suggestion I would make, would be to uninstall the TruckersMP application from your computer, enter the site and install again to see if it returns to normal.
  9. Cleiton Cirino de Assis

    How to install ReShade/SweetFX

    I used the reshade in my game and I super approved, changed and much the image of mue game, but when I take a photo, she does not look the same in the game she returns the normal colors.
  10. Cleiton Cirino de Assis

    Problema no ETS MP

    toda vez que entro no ETS MP aparece a mensagem " You have been kicked from the server. Reason: too high average ping!(Current: 676ms, average: 1635ms, max:600ms) e não consigo mais jogar com meus amigos.